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Bra Fitting for Breast Cancer Survivors


Last year for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one of our shoppers suggested that we put together some bra fitting information for women who have fought and survived breast cancer! This is actually a really tricky topic and there’s not a lot of good bra fit information out there for women who have had breast reconstruction, or who have yet to undergo breast reconstruction. Just because you’ve survived breast cancer doesn’t mean you can’t still look and feel feminine, though! If you’re looking for bra fit information pre- or post-reconstruction, here’s what you need to know about looking great:

Part 1: The Challenges of Breast Cancer Survivors
Part 1 in our Brest Reconstruction Bra Fitting series deals with the specific challenges that breast cancer survivors face – challenges that typically aren’t issues for other women, which means there’s not a lot of information out there about how to deal with them. The challenges that mastectomy and post-reconstruction patients face include: lack of nipples; the wider, shallower breast shape that accompanies implants; the need for lateral support; and the need for separation without drift. The first piece in this series explores these issues in more detail, and gives some general things to look for in order to avoid these problems.

Part 2: Bra Considerations for Women Who Have Undergone Reconstruction
Part 2 in our Breast Reconstruction Bra Fitting series deals with the various considerations that women have to keep in mind after they’ve undergone reconstruction. Some plastic surgeons, for example, have firm recommendations about the types of bras that their patients should wear, while others seem to have no opinion – or an opinion that contradicts the next PS!

Some women prefer soft cup bras after surgery, because they’re comfortable and they’re more forgiving for wider, shallower breast tissue; while others prefer properly-fitted underwires to help prevent breast implants from migrating toward the armpits. This piece in the series explores these considerations and helps walk women through which bra might be best for them.

Part 3: Breast Reconstruction Fitting and Bra Recommendations
Finally, Part 3 in our Breast Reconstruction Bra Fitting series recommends specific bras, and can help women shop for the best types of bras for their reconstructed breasts. We take a look at specific brands, and why certain bras are great for reconstruction patients. If you want to skip all of the “why” and go straight to bra recommendations, this is the article you won’t want to miss. We’ll also explore general brands, too, so if any of the recommendations we made last year are no longer in stock, you can get started with a good brand for reconstruction patients.

Have any questions about bra fit for breast reconstruction patients after reading this series? Send us a note on Facebook, or give us a call for specific recommendations. We’re here to help you look and feel beautiful again!

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