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Bra Fit Finally Gets Recognition – Classes, Workshops, and Videos, Oh My!


Bra fit is something we talk about often here at Big Girls Bras. Roughly 4 out of every 5 women are wearing the wrong bra size, and poor bra fit is the number 1 reason for discomfort and problems with bras! We keep our eyes on the news for noteworthy developments, and in the past few months, we’re glad to see that the rest of the world has finally started paying attention to bra fit, too! We’ve seen classes, workshops and videos that all purport to help women figure out the mystical bra fit formula. What’s the secret?

Bra Fit Classes and Workshops!
Yes, some people are recognizing that fit is such an issue that they’re even offering bra fit classes and workshops! Unfortunately, most of us don’t live near someplace that’s offering a bra fit class or workshop – and even for the lucky ladies who do, it can be a big hassle to try to find time in a busy schedule to attend something like this. Do you really need a class or workshop? Nope!

Here at Big Girls Bras, we’ve got a ton of resources for you on bra fit – including our bra fit guide, ebooks about fit and a ton of blog posts on related topics. If you’ve got an internet connection, you can find out how to properly fit a bra. So don’t sweat it if you can’t make it to a bra fit class or workshop – let us help you figure it all out!

Bra Fit Videos
Videos are a bit more user-friendly for people who are too busy to make it to a class and want a broad idea of what to do. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered there! Have you been to our YouTube page? We’ve got videos on:

These videos are made by real women – our staff – who have been through all the fit issues you’ve ever imagined, and have useful, down-to-earth advice on bra fit. If you’ve got a few minutes and you’re ready to learn a lot, take a look at these and our other helpful videos!

The Skinny on Bra Fit
What are the most common bra fit issues? Most women wear a band size that is too large, and they end up wearing a cup size that is too small. For most women, going down a band size or two and up a cup size or two is the best way to fix bra fit issues. We’ve got tons of info on how to tell if your bra fits properly, including some really helpful pictures that can give you an idea of what a properly fitted bra should look like. Don’t just put up with bad fit! The world is finally waking up to what a difference bra fit can make – so take the world’s advice and visit our bra fit guide!

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