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Bra Faux Pas: Visible Straps

This week here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’re going to look at some of the most common bra faux pas and how you can avoid them. Today, let’s look at the faux pas of visible bra straps. In many parts of the United States, it’s socially acceptable to display visible bra straps – in fact, some women consider them fashion accessories. The faux pas come in when your visible bra strap doesn’t meet fashion standards. What are the acceptable ways to display visible bra straps and which are faux pas? How can you turn your bra straps into fashion accessories? Here’s what you need to know, ladies:

Bra Straps have Expiration Dates
First and foremost, when you let your bra shine through as a fashion accessory, you’ve got to keep in mind that your bra straps have expiration dates. Bright, vibrant, color-coordinated bra straps can become fashion accessories, but dull, dingy or dirty bra straps are fashion no-nos. Likewise, if your bra straps are worn, frayed or shabby-looking – keep them hidden! Bra strap expiration dates are easy to figure out: if your bra straps don’t look good, don’t show them!

Invisible Bra Straps and Strap-Hiding Devices
If you don’t want to show your bra straps, you’ve got a few options: invisible bra straps, strap-hiding accessories and strapless bras. Strapless bras are the most obvious solution, but full-busted women may have trouble finding a good strapless bra that provides the support they need. Invisible straps may be a great option for women who want to wear a bra with straps but don’t want to draw attention. Invisible straps are clear; you can technically still see them, but they don’t draw attention like bright, colorful bra straps. Some convertible bras come with a set of invisible straps, but you can also sometimes buy them separately.
Alternately, you can invest in an accessory designed to help hide your bra straps. The Fashion Forms Strap Tamers are one option; they’re clips that clip into any seam inside your clothes and hold your bra straps in place to prevent them from sliding out. The Fashion Forms Strap-Mate Clear See Through is another option; it holds your straps in place to prevent them from sliding off a shoulder or out from under your clothes. Finally, there’s something like the Fashion Forms Bra Strap Converter, which actually pulls the bra straps closer together and turns the bra into something like a racerback to prevent strap slippage and show-through.

Color Coordinating and Fashion Accessories
If you’re looking for the best way to show your bra straps, consider color-coordinating with your outfit, or even displaying your bra straps as fashion accessories. Matching and color-coordinating are considered acceptable ways to show off bra straps in much of the United States. You can also use something like the Marie Jo Tom Transition Straps, which turn your straps into something decorative and stylish, like a unique piece of jewelry. Or go with actual jewelry – some companies make something like the Fashion Forms Bra Strap Converter featured above, but more stylish – made to look like jewelry and designed to show on purpose. Choose a style that matches your personality, or even hang charms for a fun and flirty spin on a classic wardrobe problem.

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