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Bra Faux Pas: Visible Bra

Yesterday we talked about the bra faux pas of visible bra straps; today we’re going to go one step further and talk about a visible bra. This one is really a hot topic; some people feel that you should NEVER show your bra, while others feel it’s ok for a tasteful bra to play peek-a-boo under a nice shirt on a night out. If you’re part of the “sometimes” school, there’s definitely a time and place for it – and a right way to do it. We’ve also got some tricks to help keep you from accidentally displaying your bra.

When is a Visible Bra OK?
Even if you’re one of the people who feels a visible bra is ok to display under the right circumstances – there are definitely times when a visible bra is ok and when it *isn’t* ok. A visible bra is totally inappropriate in the office – basically, any time you’re expected to maintain a “professional” or “business casual” dress code, a visible bra isn’t acceptable. It’s also never ok at places like a PTA meeting, a child’s birthday party – anywhere young and impressionable minds could reasonably be expected to be exposed. Visible bras are generally ok for evenings out, depending on the dress code of where you’re going.

How to Do a Visible Bra Tastefully
Ladies, there’s definitely a “right way” and a “wrong way” to do a visible bra. The right way to do a visible bra is to let a beautiful lace bra peak out around the edges of a button-down or v-necked shirt. But when you unbutton your shirt too far, or are basically just showing your entire bra – that’s generally considered the “wrong” way to do a visible bra.

Also, if you’re going to show your bra, make sure it’s a nice bra. Lace and embroidery help. You don’t want to show off a plain bra, or a bra that is fraying or dirty – pretty much the same rules apply as for showing your bra straps. Something like the Le Mystere Isabella All Over Lace Bra or the Conturelle Belle de Jour Underwire Lace Bra would be a good choice, with embellished lacy necklines, beautiful embroidery and great cleavage.

Tricks for Avoiding a Peek-a-Boo Bra
If it’s one of those times when you definitely don’t want to show your bra, one great trick is to use double-stick tape to stick your shirt or dress in place and prevent slipping or bra peeking. If you’re having trouble getting it to adhere, we’ve also got Fashion Forms Dress and Lingerie Tapes – designed straight or curved to fit where needed and prevent slipping or shifting.

Another trick is to match the right bra to the right outfit. If you’re wearing a plunging v-neck shirt, for example, a plunge bra might be a good match. For a lower-cut shirt or a shirt with a wide neckline, a demi bra is a great way to get coverage that won’t peek over your clothes. A versatile bra wardrobe is your foundation to a versatile fashion wardrobe, so make sure you’ve got the right bra to support your style.

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