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Bra Faux Pas: Uniboob and Double Boob

Some of the most egregious bra faux pas are related to bra fit, the way your clothes fit and the style of bra you’re wearing. Uniboob is one of the most unflattering bra problems that women have; a single shelf of bustline with no definition and no shaping. But double boob is another problem that many women have – and don’t even realize it’s a bra faux pas! To keep you looking your best, your boobs should be shapely and defined by your bra. A well-supported, well-shaped bust can help you look slimmer and feel more confident, and with the right outfit, you can turn heads! But a poorly defined bustline, or double-boob issues can make you look overweight, too big for your clothes, not aware of your appearance or a variety of other unflattering social faux pas.

Fighting Uniboob

A compression-style sport bra can offer support, but at the cost of fashion, creating a uniboob appearance

Uniboob is when your breasts appear to merge to create one large shelf of boob. Uniboob is a problem that a lot of larger-busted women have, but it can also be an issue for women with average or small bust sizes with the wrong clothes and the wrong bras. The most common cause of uniboob is the bra itself. Many sports bras create uniboob with their compression-style design; they compress the breasts against the chest and visually look like one wide mass of breast tissue through your clothes. If your sports bra creates uniboob, consider switching to an encapsulation-style spots bra; these sports bras support each breast individually – hence the name encapsulation – and provide more individualized shaping.

Uniboob can also be caused by wearing clothes that are too tight in the chest, thus squashing your breasts together or stretching tightly across the bustline. But finding clothes that are large enough in the chest but not too big elsewhere can be a problem for bigger-busted women who wear otherwise small clothing sizes. If this is a problem you have, try switching to a front-closure bra that pulls your breasts inward; this can relieve a bit of the pressure on the top and help provide more definition. Alternately, you can add inserts, like cutlets, to help boost your breasts up. The cleavage helps to dispel the appearance of uniboob.

The Double Boob Problem

Pamela Anderson illustrates the double boob problem here

Double chins are so last year, ladies – today’s problem is the double boob. A double-boob is when your breasts spill over the top of your bra, creating a bulge above your breasts that looks like another boob – a double boob. This is a problem both in shirts with a higher cut; a bulge can show through your shirt pressing out against the fabric; and in lower-cut tank tops and other shirts, where the double boob bulge is visible. I’ve gotta tell you, ladies – I see it all the time in the summer, and it ain’t flattering!

Most often, the double boob problem is caused by wearing the incorrect bra size. A cup size that is too small can create the double boob issue (and is also the most common bra sizing error) so try going up a cup size and down a band size – check out our fit guidelines for details. Alternately, some women with looser breast tissue have double boob problems with demi bras and other bras that don’t offer full-coverage. If you’ve got looser breast tissue, a full cup bra in the correct size can solve your double boob issues.

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