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Bra Faux Pas: Show Through and Bra Bulge

Smoothing camis can help solve a lot of bra faux pas

The best bra is one that lifts and supports and shapes – and does it all without being seen. If your bra is showing through your shirt, or you see a bra outline or bra bulge – it’s not doing its job, and it can be embarrassing! Today’s tips and tricks can help you avoid the bra faux pas of show-through and bulge, and keep you looking confident and great without everyone else looking at your bra!

Preventing Bra Show Through: Color Matters
If women think about the color of their bra, or matching their bra, it’s usually just matching the bra with the panties – but there’s more to it than that, ladies! The color of the bra you’re wearing makes a big difference in show-through. Nude bras are the most versatile; you can wear them under pretty much all light colors without showing through. Black or dark-colored bras are best under dark clothes. Nude bras can show through loose-knit or tight-fitting dark shirts, but black bras vanish under dark shirts.

As crazy as it sounds, white bras, though, wear best under close-knit, loose-fitting dark clothes or bright colors; they can show through white shirts or pale pastels. In fact, because nude bras are more versatile than white bras, a white bra is more-or-less wardrobe optional these days; rarely will you need a white bra, and it can actually be a detriment depending on the colors and styles of clothes you wear.

Master these tricks of matching the right bra color with the right outfit, and you’ll never have to worry about bra show-through again!

Dealing with Bra Bulge and Bra Outlines
The bra bulge is one of those insidious threats that may sneak up on you unawares. You’re out, having a good time, and you happen to catch a glimpse of yourself in a reflective surface and notice the dreaded bulge! Bra bulge most often happens on the back or under the arms, and is typically a result of a poorly-fitting bra. If your band is too tight, it may cause bra bulge. Some women may benefit from bras with a wider back band or power-net wings to help more evenly distribute the bra’s weight and pull, and reduce bulge. Another option to combat bra bulge may be a smoothing cami with bra or other shapewear.

If you’re dealing with bra bulge, the first thing to do is check your bra fit and make sure you’re wearing the right bra size (80% of women aren’t, ladies!). Once you’ve got your sizing right, try a variety of different bras to find the style most flattering for you. If you’ve still got bulge problems, or you want to proactively combat the issue, shapewear is the right call.

Bra outlines, too, can be addressed with shapewear or a smoothing cami, because outlines are caused by many of the same culprits. However, another thing to think about with a bra outline is whether you’re wearing the right bra for the outfit. Seamless bras, molded cup bras and t-shirt bras, for example, work better under t-shirts; whereas embroidered bras may show through. Match the right bra to the right outfit and you can reduce the risk of bra outline and still look great!

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