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Bra Faux Pas: Going Bra-Less

Alright, girls, it’s time to get real – going bra-less is, officially, a fashion faux pas. Many women with smaller busts do it because they don’t feel they need the support of a bra, and not wearing a bra is less restrictive – i.e. more comfortable. But even if you don’t need a bra, the nipple can still show through – especially thin cotton shirts and other thin, clingy materials – which is generally not socially acceptable. And for most of us, not wearing a bra leaves us with saggy, sad-looking boobs. So today we’re going to take a real, honest look at why you shouldn’t go bra-less – and some options for those situations when you feel you must, or you just don’t want to wear a bra.

Going Braless Isn’t Socially Acceptable
Women have gone braless for centuries. In many countries around the world, women still go braless. But here in the United States, at least, and also in the UK, it’s not really socially acceptable to go braless. This is probably due, in large part, to the emphasis on looking good. Bra-less boobs are often saggy, their shape isn’t as flattering and it’s pretty obvious when you’re wearing a shirt without a bra. And then there’s the nipple poke.

Some women feel strongly that their bodies are their business, and they shouldn’t have to wear a bra if they don’t want to. Some women feel it’s a feminist statement, and some women just don’t wear a bra because they find bras uncomfortable. Regardless of the reasons – some of which are quite good, because we certainly don’t want to promote anything that hurts women’s rights – the reality is that going out without a bra draws attention and is considered not socially acceptable.

Plus, let’s be honest – most of us don’t look great without bras. It’s an unflattering look on most women; our clothes don’t fit right; and we may look heavier or older than we are because of our natural body shapes or sagging breasts.

Braless Fashion Solutions
If you must go braless because of the cut of a dress or shirt, there are a couple of options to help solve some of the problems inherent in going braless. Breast petals can help prevent nipple show-through when you’re braless. Something like the Fashion Forms Adhesive Body Bra can provide some coverage when you go braless. But these options are best at helping with coverage; they offer only limited support. This may be ok for small-busted women, but for larger-busted ladies, we need support! A plunge cut bra, demi bra, strapless bra or backless bra may be a better choice for bigger busted ladies who don’t want a visible bra in shirts or dresses with a unique cut, but also want the support a bra provides.

Another option for the ladies who prefer to go braless is a camisole or shaper with an attached shelf-bra or built-in bra. Something like a camisole won’t provide as much support and shaping as an actual bra, but it can be a decent compromise for ladies who don’t want to wear bras but don’t want to stand out, either.

A word of advice, though – if you’re a bra-holdout and comfort is what’s keeping you from wearing a bra, there are plenty of comfortable bras that can solve that problem.

What do you think ladies – do you go braless?

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