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Bra Design Face-Off Week: New Evolution vs. Tried-and-True Design


1930s bra (left) vs. modern bra (right)

A few summers ago, we took an in-depth look at the history of the bra here at Big Girls Bras. Surprisingly, bras have been around in some form or another for thousands of years! In the past 120 years or so, though, bras have undergone the evolution from ancient foundation garments to the wardrobe staples we know and love today.

This week, to celebrate these changes and the improvement to quality of life that they’ve brought us modern women, we’re doing a bra design face-off week! Some new evolutions to bra design in the past decade have given us some amazing advances – so we’ll take a look at some of those advances, and you can decide for yourself if you’re a fan of the tried-and-true design or the new evolutions in the bra industry!

Check Out the History of the Bra
If you’ve ever wondered where bras come from, check out our series on the history of the bra:

Bra Design Makes Bras an Important Part of Women’s Wardrobes
There’s more than a long history to support bra use. There are practical considerations today that convince women to don this garment and enjoy the benefits it offers. Check out these posts on the structural and design importance of bras:

Compare the New Advances in Bra Design with Bras of the Past Decades
To really get into the spirit of bra design face-off week, we’ll be comparing the newest advances in bra design with bras of the past decades.

Do you remember the stodgy, uncomfortable-looking bra your mom used to wear? How about the gigantic, pointy garment your grandma sported (or still does?) Remember when sports bras were just pull-over pieces of cotton that we bought at the local department store that didn’t really do much to prevent bounce or protect the breasts?

Thankfully, bras have come a long way since then! It’s easy to see that some advances in bra design have really made bras into an exploding industry that enable women to find something for every bust size, breast type and occasion. No more squeezing your boobs into a dismaying selection of “a few sizes fit all” that don’t fit anymore than a pair of too-narrow shoes, or a ring that’s the wrong size. Advances in bra design have given us things like bra-sized sports bras that actually prevent bounce to comfortable and supportive bras in large cup sizes for the full-busted among us.

Now is an exciting time to be a woman! So join us for this bra design face-off week where we look at the new evolutions in bra design vs. tried-and-true styles!

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