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Bra Cup Size ISN’T a Character Flaw

10-28-bra-cup-size-not-character-flawAs women, we face a lot of challenges. One of the biggest is the fact that people judge us based on how we look. And yes – some of that judgment comes from the size of our boobs. We even tend to judge ourselves that way – some of us feel self-conscious on a daily basis because our boobs are “too small” or “too big.” Today’s blog post is all about learning to embrace your cup size – let go of that bra size you’ve been holding onto in your head for years and figure out what size you really are so you can get bras that fit properly and help you look your best!

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Cup Size!
Studies have shown that nearly 4 out of every 5 women is wearing the wrong bra size. Some of that is due to the fact that bra sizing can be confusing, and women don’t necessarily know how to get properly fitted. But a lot of it actually goes to the fact that many women are simply holding onto a letter and number designation in their mind, regardless of what size they should actually be wearing!

Sometimes it goes back to the first time we’re fitted for a bra in a retail store. Guess what! Those retail store bra fittings were probably WAY off because many retail stores don’t carry anything bigger than a D cup, so in order to get you to buy their bras, they’d have to “make” you fit a D – typically by giving you a band size that’s too big to compensate for the fact that the cup size is too small. And when you’re wearing a band size that’s too big and a cup size that’s too small, the bra will “ride up” in the back, the straps will dig into your shoulders, and you won’t get the support and shaping you need.

In other cases, women simply hold onto their bra size because of habit, or because they’re afraid that they actually need a much larger bra cup. The idea of wearing a C cup is a lot more “normal” than the idea that you should really be wearing a G cup. Women are afraid that if their cup sizes are “too big,” they might be judged in a different way, or they might not have “normal” boobs.

Let go of the fear! The “average” bra size has jumped from 34B to 34DD in the past 20 years, and it’s steadily going up! There are a lot of factors for that, but part of it is simply that women are now understanding their breasts are actually bigger and that they need larger cup sizes, so they’re buying larger cups! (Part of it is probably due to hormone-based birth control, and some of it even traces back to the food we eat and the hormones that go into our food supply!)

But the bottom line is that breast sizes are getting bigger and bigger. It’s time to let go of that number in your head that you “think” is your bra size. Follow our fit guidelines to find out what bra size you really need, and don’t be afraid to go large with your cup size if that’s what you should be wearing! It’ll fit better, provide better support and make your life all-around better – it’s definitely not something to fear!

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