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How Do You Make a Bra More Comfortable?


With so many women complaining about bra discomfort (it’s one of the number one complaints about bras, in fact!) – today we’re going to tackle the million dollar question: how do you make a bra more comfortable? Sizing and fit is the first major point, but there are also some tricks you can use to minimize key points of discomfort in your favorite bras!

Make Sure Your Bra is the Right Size and is Properly Fitted!
Bra size and fit are THE most important factors in making sure your bra is comfortable!

Size-Related Comfort Issues

  • If the band is too tight, it’ll cut into your back, underarms and under your boobs.
  • If the band is too loose, it will cause your bra straps to cut into your shoulders because the straps are trying to support too much of the weight of your breasts.

For size-related comfort issues, check out our page on Getting Measured for a Bra to make sure you’re wearing the right bra size. Then, make sure you consult our Bra Cup Size Comparison to see whether your normal size is the right size to wear in your favorite brands! Not all brands are sized alike, so even if you’re buying your correct size in a brand whose sizing is slightly different, it’s not going to fit properly and it won’t be comfortable!

Fit-Related Comfort Issues

  • If the underwire is too wide, it may dig into your underarms and cause discomfort.
  • If you have a short torso, the band of the bra (or the underwire in the bra band) may come up too high and dig into your underarm or otherwise cause discomfort.

For fit-related comfort issues, look for bras whose style and design are compatible with your body. Fit-related issues may require a bit more tweaking, because the bra may technically be the right size but may not be a good fit for your body. Don’t be afraid to try bras and send them back if they don’t fit right! You shouldn’t have to live with discomfort just because the bra isn’t the best fit for your body!

Care for Your Bra Carefully to Keep it Comfortable
The other thing that can really make a bra feel uncomfortable is improper care. Bras should never, ever be washed in a washer or dryer! It can bend or break the underwire, deform the cups and cause other comfort issues. Hand-wash and air-dry your bra regularly, and don’t wear the same bra every day – give it a chance to rest. Even with proper care, bras eventually wear out, so when your bra becomes uncomfortable someday – let it go and replace it! It’s the natural order of things!

Tricks and Tips to Make Your Bra More Comfortable
Sometimes, we just need a bra to fit better. These tricks and tips can help if you just can’t seem to get a comfortable bra:

  • Bra Extenders: a bra extender can help if your bra band has gotten too tight because of weight gain, water weight or other bloating.
  • Bra Strap Minders: do your bra straps slip down endlessly? Bra strap minders hold the straps in place and prevent slippage.
  • Soft Cup Bras: some women have high rib cages or body types that just make them feel uncomfortable with underwire bras. Try soft cup bras, instead, to maximize comfort!
  • Bra Alternatives: for days when you’re lounging around, try something like a camisole with shelf bra – it doesn’t provide the same structure as a bra, but it’s a comfortable bra alternative if you’re just hanging out!

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