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Bra Changes Due to Menstrual Cycle, Menopause and Hormone Changes

You know how it is, ladies – those hormones are tricky! Not only do they mess with our emotional state and occasionally cause bloating and cramps, but they can also change your bra needs. Most women find that their breasts swell during the menstrual cycle; sometimes up to an entire cup size of difference! And menopause causes a host of changes to a woman’s body, and may inspire you to change your bra wardrobe. But there are other hormonal changes that your body goes through that can also impact your bra needs. Bottom line: be prepared for changes to your breasts and your bra needs as your body reacts to changing hormones!

Your bust size can change during menstruation

Bra Considerations for Your Menstrual Cycle

It’s a scientific fact that your breasts can swell up to an entire cup size during your menstrual cycle. Some women prefer to have a more full-coverage style bra on hand to deal with changing needs during menstruation, while other women simply have a few extra bras in a bigger cup size to help with that time of the month. Additionally, some women like to have soft-cup bras or bras with a soft lining on hand to avoid irritating sensitive nipples that come along with menstruation. However you choose to deal with it, be aware of the changes to your body with this monthly hormone fluctuation.

Push-Up Bras and Full-Coverage Bras can Help You Deal with Breast Changes During Menopause

Bra Changes Through Menopause
We all know about it, ladies; menopause wreaks havoc on your body. Hot flashes, decreased sex drive, emotional upheaval; but menopause doesn’t stop there! You’ll also experience changes to your breasts. During menopause, your hormone levels drop and your breast tissue changes, becoming more fatty. This can lead to sagging, or a change in the shape of your breasts, which may mean it’s time to change your bra style. You may want to switch to a more full-coverage bra, or a push-up style bra can help you deal with a loss of volume. Additionally, breathable fabrics can really help with it comes to those hot flashes and sweating that accompany menopause.

Birth Control, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Other Medications
Birth control that contains hormones, hormone replacement therapy and even some medications affect your body’s hormone levels and can change your breasts. Estrogen-based birth control is common, for example, and it can cause the breasts to swell just like pregnancy! In fact, medical professionals are attributing the increase in breast size over the past two decades at least partially to the pill. Hormone replacement therapy causes similar effects, and even medications can change your body’s hormone levels or increase water retention and cause a change in your breast size.

Bottom line: your body undergoes changes due to hormones all your life. This is one major reason it’s important to get fitted regularly, and not just when you notice a physical change; because your body’s hormones can cause changes that you may not notice immediately, and we all know the discomfort and potential damage that an ill-fitting bra can cause. Make sure you understand the changes that your body undergoes on a regular basis, such as the menstrual cycle, and have the right bras on hand to help you cope during these changes.

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