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Bra Brands with Wide Underwires


Many women have a love-hate relationship with underwire bras – they love the support of an underwire, but sometimes find that an underwire feels tight, seems to pinch or has other fit-related issues. Some of that problem is actually due to the fact that not all underwires are alike! Different bra brands tend toward underwires in varying sizes.

Today, we’re going to look at bra brands that have wider underwires. These bra brands are perfect for women whose breasts have wider bases, and they tend to be good for women with fuller bust sizes. But women who have a more narrow torso or smaller breast base may find they’re better off steering clear of these brands!

Panache SuperBra Tango II Underwire BraPanache
Panache is the archetypical wide underwire brand. If you want to find out whether you need a wide or a narrow underwire, you should try on the wide-wired Panache bra, followed shortly by a Freya bra with a narrow underwire. Our top-selling Panache bra is the Panache SuperBra Tango II underwire bra. Give it a try and see if the wide underwire works well for your body type! You might just find a new favorite bra!

Curvy Kate Gia braCurvy Kate
Curvy Kate bras tend to have wider underwires in the larger sizes, but the small sizes actually tend more toward the narrow side when it comes to underwire width. (In other words, Curvy Kate’s designs are actually proportional! Go figure! That’s one of the reasons we love you, Curvy Kate!) To see an example of a wider underwire at work, take a look at the Curvy Kate Gia Balconette Bra. On the model in our photo, you can actually see that the breast tissue extends out past the sides of the torso, and the underwire goes all the way to the side of her torso before starting to curve again. So if you’ve got larger cup sizes, you’ll be getting wider underwires from Curvy Kate!

Freya Deco Molded Strapless Longline BraFreya?
Freya is actually a tricky bra brand when it comes to underwires. It’s commonly known as a bra brand with narrow underwires, and this is true on many of their designs. Take a look at the Freya Deco Shape Molded Strapless Longline Bra, and you can see the difference in the way the underwire fits vs. the Curvy Kate bra above – the wire starts curving before it hits the edge of the woman’s torso. That’s definitely a narrower underwire.

Freya Active Underwire Sports BraBut! Some Freya bras actually have wider underwires, too. If you look at the Freya Active Underwire Sports Bra, for example, you can see that the wire shape and width more closely resembles the Curvy Kate above than the Freya Deco strapless bra. With some Freya designs, you can tell just by looking at it whether it’s got a wider underwire or a narrower underwire, but with others you actually have to try it on before you can tell which it is.

So the next time you’re shopping for a bra and you want a wide underwire, start with these brands! Or check out the pictures to see for yourself whether it’s wider or narrower. If wide isn’t your thing, join us tomorrow as we look at bra brands with narrow underwires!

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