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Bra Brands with Narrow Underwires

10-16-narrow-underwireUnderwire width isn’t just an abstract concept – it’s an important factor in properly fitting your bra. Women whose breast tissue has a wider base benefit from wide underwires – and women who have narrow torsos or breasts with a smaller base need narrow underwires! If you have underwires digging into your underarms, or coming around to poke you in the side uncomfortably, you might need narrow underwires. But which brands offer this elusive feature?

Freya (Sometimes)
Freya is actually known as a brand that has narrow underwires, and most of the time, it does! But some of Freya’s designs actually feature underwires almost as wide as Panache. So unfortunately, if you need narrow underwires, you can’t just assume that any Freya bra will do it – you’ll have to examine the design and potentially even try it on before you can tell if it’ll pass the narrow underwire test.

Freya Deco Underwire Molded BraThat being said, Freya’s Deco collection is pretty safe if you’re looking for a bra with narrow underwires! My personal favorite is the Freya Deco Underwire Moulded Plunge Bra, but all of the Deco bras are good on the narrow wire scale. Lacy is another collection that trends toward the narrow, although the wires may be slightly wider than Deco. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the Freya bra that fits best!

Fantasie Underwire Balcony BraFantasie (Sometimes)
Fantasie is a bra brand that is generally known to have medium-width underwires – not too wide, but not particularly narrow either. That being said, some of the designs feature wires that are narrow than others – and if you don’t particularly need “narrow” wires, but just need to avoid the “wide” underwires, Fantasie will probably work for you. Something like the Fantasie of England Underwired Balcony Bra is a good choice for women who want to avoid wide wires – it’s almost as narrow as some of the Freya designs. Give it a try and see if Fantasie works for you!

Curvy Kate (In Smaller Sizes)
In the bigger sizes, Curvy Kate has nice wide underwires. But in the smaller sizes, Curvy Kate actually has some narrower underwires! Gotta love a proportional bra brand! If you’ve got a smaller bra size, give Curvy Kate a try and see if this brand works for you.

Soft Cup Bras
Unfortunately, the choices for women who need a narrower underwire are a bit more limited. Many bra designers today go with a medium or wide underwire as a base – which isn’t particularly helpful if you’re looking for something narrow! One option if you have a hard time finding an underwire that fits properly is just going with a soft cup bra, instead. Today’s soft cup bras aren’t like the ones from 10 to 15 years ago – nowadays you can get great support from these bras. Give a soft cup bra a try, and see if it cures your underwire woes!

Do any of you have any great wire-related tips? Share them with us – I know all of us narrow-wire ladies would love to have some more options!

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