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How to Make Your Boobs Look Great in Your Swimsuit


Boobs are one of the biggest sources of consternation for us women. We’re always trying to find a comfortable bra that fits, or to make our boobs (and our bodies) look good in whatever we’re wearing. But that gets even more difficult in a swimsuit, where everything clings to your body and you don’t have nearly as much flexibility to play around with fashion and various tricks to enhance your look. If you’re trying to figure out the best way to make your boobs look perfect in your swimsuit, here are a few tips:

Find the Right Swimsuit Top for Your Boobs
Everything starts with finding the right swimsuit top for your boobs! When it comes to looking great at the pool or the beach, it’s about more than finding a look you love. You also have to find the right swimsuit top for your body.

We’re all different. We’re all shaped and sized differently, so we need different styles to look our best. For example, someone with firm, youthful, shapely boobs might look great in a triangle bikini top. But someone whose breast tissue is a little more loose – say a mother who has nursed, or a woman who has gained and then lost weight – might need a style with more support; something like a halter bandeau with underwire. Someone who wants to enhance cleavage or who wants to add size could start with a padded swimsuit top.

Swimsuit tops have come a long way. Today, you can find styles that work with pretty much every type of boob. But the key is to let go of thoughts like “I want a traditional triangle bikini” and embrace your body to find the right swimsuit top for your shape.

Choose the Right Cuts and Colors
Cut and color also plays a huge role in getting your boobs to look their best. Women who have big boobs, for example, and who want to downplay them relative to the rest of their body may choose a darker swimsuit top, or pick a swimsuit whose color and cut disguises a little of the boobage. Women who are smaller on top and want to even out the silhouette might want to go for a padded bikini in a bright color, or something with a pattern or detailing around the top of the cup to highlight the curve of the breast and make it more prominent. Color and cut are key for getting your boobs to look their best in swimsuits.

Cutlets and Inserts can Help
Some women want a little more shaping and uplift and turn to cutlets and other inserts to help. This can be a tricky strategy, as cutlets and inserts can shift around and displace themselves, making you look more like a Picasso than a Rubens. If you do use cutlets or inserts, make sure you secure them in place – maybe with a few stitches, or by having your favorite seamstress sew some pockets into your swimsuit top for them. In general, though, it’s a better strategy to select a different, more flattering swimsuit top than to try to keep a cutlet in place while you’re swimming or playing on the beach.

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