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Body Briefers with Underwire Bra Support

Body briefers are a great choice for all-over control, and body briefers with underwire bra provide extra support for the bust and can provide some of the best shaping out of any shapewear. What do you need to know when you’re shopping for body briefers with underwire bra?

Body Briefers and Underwire Bras
If you haven’t already read our articles on body briefers and underwire bras, take a look. Body briefers are great for shaping and smoothing out areas of the body about which you’re feeling self-conscious, and underwire bras provide the best support for large-busted and fuller-figured women. We’ve got more in-depth articles about the benefits, sizing and fit for these products on our blog and website, so take a look if you haven’t already seen them.

Choose Your Area of Focus
When you’re buying a body briefer, you’ll see lots of choices for what sort of control and support the body briefer provides. You might see things like extra firm control body briefer, body briefer long torso garters, body briefer or all-in-one size, body briefer plus-size diet trim or a range of other descriptions for body briefers. The key is to look at what area of the body the body briefer shapes, and find shaping that matches your needs.

For example, if you’re worried about your stomach, look for a body bra to make tummy slimmer; a body briefer with firm or extra-firm stomach control might be the best choice for you. If you’re looking for all-over control, body briefs and full girdles might provide the best options. Some people might need an extra firm control body briefer body shaper to get the right overall look. Selecting the right body briefer is about determining your needs and looking for the shaper that works for your body.

Popular Brands for Underwire Body Briefers
Underwire body briefers are great for women with large busts, or fuller-figured women who simply want good support. Underwires support the bust, providing lift, separation and shape. This is useful in any bra, but it’s great in a body briefer or other shaping garment, whose sole purpose is to provide shape.

Va Bien has a couple of great underwire body briefers, including the Va Bien Seamless Comfort Underwire Bodyshaper and the Va Bien Seamless Shaping Bodysuit. The size range varies slightly, but between the two options, they cover 34 to 48 and up to a DDD bust in some sizes. Grenier also offers a wide range of shapers and body briefers in a variety of styles. Venus offers an underwire body briefer, and Bodywrap offers a couple of body suits and body briefers with underwires.

The designs in these brands vary, so the key to finding the right brand for you is to find the right size and style of body briefer for your needs. A good shaper will give you the confidence to look and feel great, whether you’re preparing for that important business meeting or a romantic night out on the town.

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