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Do You Need a Bionic Bra to Exercise?


This may be old news to some of you, but we think it’s just so crazy we had to bring it up! Have you seen the bionic bra that’s currently being developed to help women exercise? The idea is that it will be actively engineered to help prevent bounce when exercising, but it’s currently too bulky and needs more refinement before it’s ready for the public. Do you think you need a bionic bra to exercise? Here at Big Girls Bras, we know how much trouble it can be to keep the girls in place when you’re active – but we don’t think you need a bionic bra to do it!

What is this Bionic Bra?

Bionic Bra

An organization in Australia is working on developing a bra that tightens with movement to help reduce bounce when exercising. The bra is supposed to relax automatically when the bouncing stops. The executive research director – a man – said that bouncing breasts is one of the main reasons that young Australian women give for not exercising.

Some bounce and breast movement studies have shown that the breasts tend to move side to side and up and down when women are running or doing other high-impact activities, and more and more designers are taking this into consideration when making sports bras these days. It’s clearly an important issue – especially for those of us who are well-endowed in the chestal region! But do you really need a bionic bra to hold you still when you exercise?

A Good, High-Impact Bra can Do the Same
Once you’re properly fitted, a good, solid high-impact sport bra can be just as effective as this proposed bionic bra when it comes to preventing bounce and movement during exercise. I’m a girl who has had major issues when it comes to bounce while running, and I’ve tried a ton of high-impact bras to find a good running bra. With the right bra, exercising is a world of difference. A couple of our favorite, bounce-resistant high impact sports bras are:

One of the benefits of this bionic bra would be more support when you need it – when you’ve got bounce – and a more relaxed fit when you’re not bouncing. It’s true that sports bras that reduce bounce effectively are pretty constraining, so they’re not the bras that most women would choose to wear for comfort, or for range-of-motion activities like yoga.

However, it’s easy enough to grab a more relaxed sports bra fit for those low-intensity activities – and then you’re not wearing the same sweaty bra for yoga as you wore yesterday to run 5 miles. Some of our top picks for more relaxed, comfortable sports bras include:

Ultimately, you don’t need a bionic bra to keep you comfortable while you’re exercising. All you need is a properly-fitted, appropriate impact level sports bra!

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