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Big Girls’ Bras in South America!

I’m excited to share with you that I was in South America last week, and while I was there, I took a look at the bras that the Latin American women live with every day. I discovered some interesting stereotypes about Latin American women, and noticed some trends in bra design and sizing that are very different from life here in the United States. I’ve gotta say – we’re lucky women here in the United States because we have access to a wide range of bra styles and sizes. Even for big girls who need bigger, more supportive bras, there are a ton of options. Things aren’t quite that good in Latin America. How do Latin American bra trends vary from here in the United States?

Latin American Bust Sizes

There’s a stereotype that Latin American women have big busts. Is this true? Well, these mannequins in a shop window have something to say about it:

Surgically Augmented Mannequins

If these mannequins are to be believed, Latin American women all have big busts, and should have clothes and bras that are appropriately sized.

In reality, though, Latin American women are much like women here in the United States. We come in all shapes and sizes. There are many big-busted women in Latin America, but we’ve got many big-busted women here in the United States, too. They have plus-sized women, and so do we. The US doesn’t hold a monopoly on women with big busts.

Impressions of Bra Sizes in Latin America

I actually took a trip through all of Latin America from December through March. I started in Boston, Massachusetts and went to the bottom of South America, passing through 14 countries and seeing people in all walks of life throughout Latin America. I did notice a trend. Women in Latin America, like women here in the United States, didn’t appear to wear the correct bra sizes.

I saw many women throughout Latin America with the double-boob (where bust spills over the bra), saggy boobs because the bra wasn’t the right size or didn’t offer enough support, and bras that were just ridiculously small, only covering a portion of the breast. I had no idea why this might be, except that maybe Latin American women were as poorly educated about bra sizes as women in the United States.

It was a bit of a disparity, though. Many Latin American women take great pains with their appearance, dressing in nice clothes. I spoke with people throughout Central America and South America who confirmed that the Latin American mindset is to spend money on the things that other people see you with, such as nice clothes to wear when you go out. So the women I saw with the wrong bra sizes weren’t just careless with their appearance; they went through a lot of effort to look good but still weren’t wearing the right bra sizes.

I decided I’d have to do a little more digging into why this might be the case, and I’ll share my findings with you on behalf of Big Girls’ Bras this week.

In the meantime: are you wearing the wrong bra size? Don’t be like the women in Latin America (or even here at home) who don’t look their best because they’re not wearing the right bra size. Take a few minutes to size yourself with our “How to Fit a Bra” bra-fitting instructions. You might be surprised by the difference it makes when you’re wearing a bra in the correct size!

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