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The Big Girls Bras Blog is Back!

The Big Girls Bras Blog is Back!

The Big Girls Bras Blog is Back!

The Big Girls Bras Blog is back from hiatus and ready to help you with all your bra needs! We know that shopping for bras, swimwear and lingerie can be confusing – especially with brand-specific sizing, and vague details about how these items should fit. So we’re back to help you

The New Big Girls Bras Blog Schedule

Now that we’re back, we’re planning to share our expertise with you twice a week.

Every Monday, we’ll post some helpful bra info – tips and tricks, help with bra fit and bra sizing, information about how to take care of your bras – and of course, help with swimwear, lingerie, shapers and our other awesome products!

Every Friday, we’ll introduce you to one of our favorite brands. Our brand highlights are designed to help you learn more about brands you might already know and love, and find new brands that might be perfect for your life! We’ll cover information like fit, sizing, pricing and styles, so you can figure out how it compares to brands you already know and whether it might be a great new addition for your wardrobe! Check out some of our existing brand profiles.

Check Out Our Helpful Fit Info

One of the main reasons we started the Big Girls Bras Blog was to help with the most common fit questions. Bra, swimwear and shapewear fit issues are the most frequent reasons that women are unsatisfied with their apparel purchases – be it online or even in a store. Our goal is to help with all of your fit and sizing needs, so you’re 100% happy with your purchase. Take a look at some of our helpful fit content from past posts, and stay tuned for new fit and sizing tips!

Take a Look at our Friday Q&A Series

Last year, we ran a series of blog posts every Friday answering common questions that women ask when they’re shopping for bras, shapewear and swimwear. These questions are asked over and over again – chances are you’ve wondered about some of this stuff even if you’ve never asked anyone! Check out our Friday Q&A series – and see if you can stump us with something we haven’t answered yet!

Ever Wondered about the History of the Bra?

Did you know that women have worn bras in some form or another for over 3,000 years? We’ve contorted ourselves into some truly crazy contraptions over the millennia in the name of fashion – check out our History of the Bra series to find out how this sometimes strange garment has turned into a must-have part of your wardrobe today.

Contact Us

If you have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach us by email or by phone – we’ll respond to your inquiries as soon as we can. Alternately, find us on Facebook! We love to share interesting articles and helpful tips, and the lovely KC can answer questions or help with your bra, swimwear or shapewear needs.

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