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Big Busted Women Need Support!

Yesterday, we looked at why women wear bras and the role that bras play in modern society. We briefly touched on women wearing bras for support, but that’s a topic that certainly deserves more attention. Anyone who’s above an A cup can benefit from wearing a bra for support. Women with smaller busts may only need the support when doing vigorous exercise, but women with bigger busts need good support at all times!

A good supportive bra is more comfortable than no bra for women with big busts, as not wearing a bra or wearing a bad bra can cause back strain. But failure to wear a bra can also lead to some serious long-term consequences for your breasts. If you’re a big busted woman and you don’t regularly wear a bra for support, maybe you should reconsider your position!

Find Comfort in a Supportive Bra
First and foremost, when you’re a big-busted woman, a bra that doesn’t offer good support or no bra at all can be really uncomfortable. Whether you’re just walking around, sitting at a desk, running errands or driving to work, you may be uncomfortable without a supportive bra. Big busts put a lot of strain on your back and shoulders, and may cause headaches and fatigue just from the weight of carrying them around.

A good, supportive bra reduces this type of strain and shifts the weight of your bust to your core muscles; muscles that support your body every day and are perfectly capable of handling the load. If you often find yourself with a sore back, a stoop or other fatigue and discomfort because of your big bust, you might be able to fix that with a more supportive bra.

Stretch Marks, Ligament Strain and Long-Term Damage
Many women don’t realize that a failure to wear a bra can actually hurt your breasts. If you’re a big-busted woman, not wearing a bra during workouts can cause ligament strain and tearing. You may develop stretch marks over time as a result of this strain, and those stretch marks never go away!

You can also suffer long-term damage from a failure to wear a bra; over time, if your breasts aren’t getting enough support they can begin to sag. The ligaments that support them will stretch, and they’ll lose their perky, pleasing shape. If you’re a big-busted woman, plan for the future: wear a good, supportive bra to keep your breasts looking great for a long time to come!

Many big-busted women have trouble finding appropriately sized bras that fit. That’s one of the things we focus on here at Big Girls’ Bras; we understand your difficulty and carry many bra sizes that you’ll never find in a regular department store. We carry cup sizes up to JJ/N, so we’ve got something for even the biggest bust. Don’t let your breasts go unsupported; give yourself the comfort and love you deserve in the form of a good bra!

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