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Beware of Side-Boob in Your Hot Weather Wardrobe!


We’re deep in the heart of summer now, with heat waves in much of the country and the hottest month of the year looming around the corner – August! If you’re lucky enough to have arms you don’t mind showing, you probably haven’t worn a shirt with sleeves in weeks – and may have many more weeks of sleeveless shirts ahead! The summer wardrobe is not without peril, though – no summer would be complete without a flash of celebrity side-boob, but you can avoid becoming an unfortunate cautionary tale by paying attention to your wardrobe – and making that side-boob look intentional if you’re going to show it!

Look Out for Side-Boob in Your Wardrobe
Side-boob isn’t something that most of us are looking for, but it’s a good idea to go through the wardrobe every summer to see how things are fitting these days. The sleeveless shirt that fit great last year might not be so flattering this year if you’ve had weight loss, weight gain, or have become a new mom.

Try on all of your sleeveless shirts, and turn this way and that in front of the mirror to see if the arm-holes give up any glimpses of the infamous side-boob! Don’t forget to try your wardrobe with your normal accessories, too, like a purse, messenger bag or backpack. All of these accessories can tug or pull your shirt and may reveal an eyeful of side-boob even if your shirt seems fine when you first check!

Choose Your Bra Accordingly
While side-boob is considered by many to be a fashion faux-pas, some women just don’t care – or really love a favorite shirt and aren’t willing to give it up. If you’ve got a shirt that’s going to give someone an eyeful of side-boob, and you want to wear it anyway, make it look intentional! Choose your bra accordingly.

If you’ve got a sexy sleeveless shirt you like to wear clubbing or out for date night, try pairing it with a lacy bra – the right bra by Conturelle, Panache or Prima Donna will look hot if someone catches a glimpse of it through your sleeve-hole.

For active everyday wear, try a sport bra underneath! A fun and playful sports bra – particularly one in a funky color, like the Natori Sport Underwire Bra in Crimson, the Freya Active Underwire Sports Bra in Red, or the Freya Active Molded Sports Bra in Cosmic Blue – can show a lot of personality if someone catches a glimpse of side-boob under your sleeveless shirt! This combo can even look intentional if you’re wearing a bright colored sport bra under a bright colored tank.

Bottom line: be aware of side-boob in your summer wardrobe. Try on your sleeveless shirts every summer and take a look in the mirror so you’re aware of any fit issues. If you do choose to wear a shirt that’s going to give someone a glimpse of side-boob, rock it like you mean it with a great bra underneath!

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