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Best Tummy Shaper Tummy Control Options

Tummy trimmers, or control briefs, provide shaping and control where many women want it most: the stomach. The best tummy shaper tummy control is partially a function of finding the right fit, and partially determining whether you need to shape other areas. Explore your shapewear options to find the right shapewear for your body, clothes and comfort!

What to Look for in Tummy Control Shapewear
The key to getting the best tummy shaper with tummy control is to identify what areas you want to shape and look for the right coverage for those areas. That’s the key to all shapewear, and tummy control shapewear is no different. If you’re concerned about both your tummy and bottom, look for tummy control high waist bottom shapewear, which provides high waist smoothing, tummy control and bottom control. Some tummy-control shapewear provides full-body smoothing, such as a tummy control undergarment with strapless bra.

Tummy control options come in light control, medium control, firm control and extra firm. High-waist tummy control prevents your tummy from bulging over the top of the control brief, and thigh-smoothing tummy control protects you from unflattering bulges below your shapewear. You can even find tummy control swimware foe women[sic] to help provide shaping at the beach or pool.

Tummy Trimmer/Control Brief Shapewear
Tummy trimmers are some of the most common types of shapewear, as this is the area about which most women feel self-conscious. Tummy control shapewear with briefs come in a wide range of styles, including these hi-rise brief panties by Rego, a light control brief by Bali, the Venus Zipper Strong Control Girdle with thigh-shaping, or the Annette Power Curves High Waist Control Brief. Grenier offers a tummy shapewear and thigh slimmer combination, which might be a better choice for women who worry about the panty legs cutting into the skin and leaving unflattering bumps, or women who just want smoother thighs.

Smoothers Provide All-Day Comfort
One shapewear choice that many people don’t consider is tummy control shapewear t-shirt style options. T-shirt style shapewear, typically called smoothers, provide all-day comfort and shaping without the more restrictive styling and sometimes uncomfortable design of other types of shapewear. T-shirt style tummy control shapewear includes the Annette Secret Weapons High-Back Camisole or the Cass Invisibellas VNeck Top; both of which provide smoothing in a more comfortable type of shapewear.

Consider All-in-One Shapewear
All-in-one shapewear can provide great shaping options if you’re willing to consider a body briefer or torsolette. A body briefer provides all-over control and may have special panels or designs to provide tummy shaping. A torsolette is similar to a corset, but covers the entire torso and provides structure and support. Either of these options can provide the tummy control you seek, and also provide shaping to other parts of your body to help you look your best. Torsolettes and body briefers provide more coverage than a tummy control garment, but sometimes that’s the right choice to get the best shaping under your favorite dress or other important outfit.

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