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Best Sports Bra Brands

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to narrow down the best sports bra brands so you could easily shop for your new sports bra? Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we want to make it painless and easy for you to shop for a great bra, whether your looking for a sports bra or something else. To help you narrow down your choice of sports bras, we’ve highlighted here some of our most popular sports bra brands. These sports bra designers provide great options that our shoppers have reviewed quite favorably. Where should you start your search for your new sports bra?

Enell Sports Bras
We only carry the one Enell Sports Bra, but this bra is consistently prized among our top brands. Women who wear this bra rate it an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and it’s one of our top sports bra options. Our shoppers who have reviewed this bra rate is as great for running, high-impact exercise and working out at the gym, and it’s designed to reduce bounce and hold you in place no matter what you’re doing. Enell Sports Bras were featured on Oprah, and she showed them for a reason: this bra is one of the best sport bra brands!

Shock Absorber Sports Bras
Shock Absorber is another great sports bra brand, although reviews from our shoppers vary by product. Most of our Shock Absorber sports bras are rated 4, 4.5 or 5 stars, and Shock Absorber is one of our top brands for high-impact activities. Not many bras provide the support that big-busted women need when being really active and working out hard, but Shock Absorber has the design features and supportive elements that you need in a sports bra for high-impact activities.

Anita Sports Bras
Anita is one of our most popular brands across the board, and their sports bras are no exception. The Anita sports bras come in more of a range of activity styles and comfort levels. You can find soft-cup sports bras from Anita that are great for low-impact activities or lounging around, or more high-performance sports bras for active women. All of our Anita sports bras have 4.5 starts out of 5, which means our shoppers like them as much as we do!

Value Sports Bra Brands
If you don’t want to spend a lot on a sports bra, we have a couple of great value brands, too: Champion and Moving Comfort. Both Champion and Moving Comfort have a wide variety of sports bra options, and their price point is lower than some of our other popular sports bra brands. You can find high-impact sports bras, comfortable lounging-style sports bras and great low-impact sports bras in these brands. Take a look and see if any of these great value sports bra options might be right for you!

Bottom line: here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’ve got a ton of great sports bra options for you. This selection of sports bra brands is just a very brief overview of our collection, and we’ve got many other popular sports bras in other brands. If you’re ready to buy your new sports bra, browse our complete sports bra collection to get started!

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