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Best Longline Strapless Bra for Full-Figure Women: The Bridal Bra Series

Elomi Serena Bridal Basque 8202The best longline strapless bra for full-figure women varies based on the style you prefer, your size and how much shaping you want. Big Girls’ Bras has several strapless bras for full-figure women who are getting ready for their wedding day and want the best bridal lingerie. Which brands are popular here among full-figure women?

The Dominique Strapless Bridal Full-Figure Satin Torsolette
The Dominique strapless bridal full-figure satin torsolette 8950 black and white options provide full-figure support and shaping in a stylish strapless longline bra. Brides can choose the Dominique strapless bridal satin torsolette in white to wear with the wedding dress, or in black to wear as bridal lingerie or on the honeymoon. This bra is available up to 52 F, making it a great choice for full-figure or large-busted women.

The Dominique Bridal Full-Figure Lace Torsolette
The Dominique bridal full-figure lace torsolette is similar to the satin version, but the lace torsolette includes lace panels on the side, on the upper cups and between the busts for classy decoration. These torsolettes include light boning for shaping, and they cinch the waist, curve the hips and flatter the stomach. The lace torsolette provides a little more decoration and ornamentation than the satin version, but both are excellent choices of strapless bras for full-figured women to wear beneath wedding dresses or as bridal lingerie.

Best Full-Support Strapless Bra
One of the best full-support strapless bra in the bridal collection for full-figured women is the Goddess lace bridal bustier bra. The Goddess bra provides boning and an underwire for shaping and support, offered with an attractive lace design and strapless functionality. While best is subjective, this Goddess lace bridal bustier bra is a popular choice among full-figure and large-busted women.

The “Best” Strapless Bra for Full Figure Women is Subjective
When you’re rating the “best” of anything in bras, you’re dealing in subjective measurements. What’s best for someone with a large bust and a small clothing size might not be best for a full-figured woman who wants a strapless bra to provide shaping and support. The best bra for you depends on your body shape, size, what you’ll be wearing and what you’ll be doing.

Generally speaking, full-figured women benefit most from longline strapless bras that provide extra support and shaping. Dominique, Va Bien and Goddess all make good full-figured bridal bras, but Elomi also provides some good bra choices for fuller-figured ladies.

The Elomi Serena bridal basque, for example, has fuller-figure sizes up to 48DD, 46F or 44FF. The Goddess lace bridal bustier provides sizing up to 50 FF, with similar shaping as the Elomi Serena bridal basque. The Dominique strapless bridal full-figure satin torsolette comes in sizes up to 52 F, and provides slightly different shaping for the bust. The best bra for you depends on what style you prefer, what shaping you want and what fits best in your size range, so the “best” bra isn’t an objective measurement.

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