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Benefits of Wearing Padded Bras: Not Just to Enhance Your Bustline

Padded bras are a godsend to women everywhere. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation and misconceptions floating around about what a padded bra is for and who should wear them. Many women assume that the only reason to wear a padded bra is if you want to enhance your bustline. In reality, padded bras have many benefits; even if you’re not looking for a way to increase your bust size. How can padded bras help you?

What is a Padded Bra?
A padded bra is a bra that contains padding inside the cups. In some cases, the padding is permanently sewn into the bra. In other padded cup bras, the padding is contained in pockets sewn into the bras, and you can remove the padding as desired. The padding itself may vary from inflatable pouches to synthetic materials.

You might find padded bras with an area of padding directly in front, or graduated padding that’s thicker at the base and gradually tapers out to more closely represent a natural shape. You’ll also find padded bras in a variety of styles. Many push-up bras contain padding, but you may also find padded bras in other cuts and styles. For more information on padded cup bras, check out our padded bra entry in our bra guide.

Padded Bras Enhance Your Bustline
It’s true that one of the primary benefits of padded bras is to enhance your bustline, and that’s why many women wear them. With the padding inserts and the shape of the bra, a padded bra can add up to a cup size – or more – to your bust. You may also find padded bras in push-up bra styles to not only make your bust look fuller but to also provide fantastic cleavage under low-cut tops. If you want to enhance your cleavage, check out our selection of padded cup bras.

Padded Bras Prevent Embarrassing Incidents
Another great benefit of padded cup bras that is often underrated is to protect you from potentially embarrassing incidents. Ever gone out in a thin bra and found yourself dining in a cold restaurant, trying to cover your bust up to prevent embarrassing incidents? A padded cup bra puts extra material between your breasts and your shirt, making it impossible for your nipples to show through your shirt. You’ll never have to worry about a cold restaurant, a frigid office or an unexpectedly cool evening again!

Padded Bras are Great for Women with Sensitive Breasts
One area in which many women underestimate padded bras is in the comfort department. Padded cup bras can be very comfortable for many women. In fact, women who have particularly sensitive breast tissue who find that wearing normal bras hurts may find that padded bras provide the only possible relief. If you have trouble finding a comfortable bra, check out our padded bra options.

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