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Beat the Heat in the Dog Days of Summer

The hottest days of summer are upon us, and many people choose to escape to the pool or beach on days like this in an attempt to stay cool. Your body doesn’t want to move around a lot, and lying in the shade – and occasionally taking a dip – sounds like the perfect recipe for a hot summer day. But what’s the best way to beat the heat in the Dog Days of Summer?

What are the Dog Days of Summer Anyway?
The Dog Days of Summer are the hottest, most humid days of the year. The exact “when” varies depending on climate and culture, but most agree that they’re the days in late July and August when temperatures are sweltering and you just can’t seem to stay cool. One of the best ways to beat the Dog Days of Summer is to hang out at the pool or beach, and dip yourself in cool, refreshing water. But how can you stay cool when you’re not in the water?

Top Tips to Beat the Heat at the Pool or Beach
These top tips will help you stay cool even when you’re not at the water the next time you go to the beach or pool:

  • Spritz yourself: Sweat is your body’s natural cooling system. When sweat evaporates from your skin, it cools your body. If you spritz yourself with a spray bottle, the moisture can evaporate and help keep you cool.
  • Let your electronics take a nap: Your electronics give out heat. Using a laptop in your lap on a hot day can dramatically increase your body temperature. If you’re using warm or hot electronics, give them a break and you’ll find yourself staying cooler!
  • Bring along a small fan: Small battery-powered fans that you can hold or clip onto something nearby can help you stay cool. A nice breeze from a fan can help sweat evaporate on your skin, which keeps you cool!
  • Spice it up: Believe it or not, eating hot stuff can cool you down. Things like chili peppers that contain capsaicin help you perspire more readily, and when the sweat evaporates, it helps to cool you down. So enjoy a spicy snack to stay cool!
  • Stay hydrated: Drink lots of water. This has come up more than once in hot-weather tips here at Big Girls Bras, but that’s because people underestimate the importance of hydration in staying cool. Drinking cool water can help you lower your core body temperature, and it also replenishes fluid you need when you sweat, helping you avoid heatstroke!
  • Eat light: Light foods, like salads, are easier to digest than heavy foods, like a fatty hamburger. Fatty foods leave you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable in high heat, whereas fruits and vegetables contain plenty of water and help you stay hydrated and feel cooler.
  • Escape: Clinical professor of psychiatry at Brown and Tufts University, Walter A. Brown, says: “Reading about cold can take your mind off the thermometer, evoking one’s experience of ice and snow.” In other words, reading about cold weather can help you stay cool!

Enjoy your beach or pool time, and don’t forget we’ve got a wide range of swimsuits to help keep you feeling fabulous when you’re whiling away the hours on a hot summer day.

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