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Beach Tips and Gear for Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, and that means it’s the inaugural beach outing for many people around the country! What does a trip to the beach typically entail for you? A faded but trusty beach towel and a stack of paperbacks? A lounge chair or hammock and an umbrella for shade? Whether you’re a minimalist beach-goer who likes to swim and play in the sand, or a full-comfort beach bunny who loves luxury – consider adding these things to your list!

Sunscreen and Shade – the Secrets of Skin Care
When you’re going to the beach, packing the sunscreen is obvious, right? Don’t fall into the trap of being in a hurry and forgetting your sunscreen, or thinking you put it back in your beach bag but not realizing that your kids took it out for softball practice. Do a quick check before you head out to make sure you’ve got your sunscreen, and that your tube isn’t empty!

If you like wearing sunglasses at the beach, here’s a quick item to consider – are your sunglasses rated for UV protection, or just tinted? For maximum sun protection, look for sunglasses with UV protection to keep your eyes safe while you’re enjoying the outdoors.

What are you doing for shade? If you’re going in a car and don’t mind bringing some accessories along, wide beach umbrellas are great sources for optional shade. You can use them when you want them, or stow them if you don’t. Some people go a step further and bring a small tent or portable sun shelter to get in out of the sun! This is a great choice if you’re bringing along an infant or small child, and want a way to keep them out of the sun; but it’s also nice for lounging.

If you’re concerned about your skin, bring along a moisturizer to apply intermittently throughout the day, or at the end of the day when you’re ready to leave the beach. It can help your skin replenish after a day of sun exposure. Moisturizer with aloe can help if you do get sunburn; aloe soothes and cools burned skin. Apply liberally!

Beach Blankets – or Something Finer?
Are you a fan of bringing a trusty towel along to the beach, or do you go bigger? Blanket? Or how about a lounge chair or padded mat for the beach? The possibilities are endless – limited only by what you can carry! Chairs and even a small table can be nice if you intend to sit on the beach and want to be up off the ground. Even better if you pack a picnic lunch!

Snacks and Drinks
Don’t forget to hydrate when you’re at the beach! At the very least, bring along a bottle of water – a day at the beach can rapidly dehydrate you. Some people bring along a small cooler with juice, soda, sandwiches and other beach snacks. If you’re looking for a money-saving way to visit the beach, a cooler can be great – beachside restaurants and stands tend to charge a premium. But keep in mind that not all beaches permit coolers – check before bringing one along!

Look Your Best!
And of course – we all want to look our best at the beach. Hopefully you’re all set for this weekend, but if you’ve pulled out last year’s swimsuit and found it doesn’t fit, or you’re just ready for a change, check out our swimsuit collection to find the perfect new fit for you.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

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