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Are you over Thongs and G-Strings? Not as trendy as before…

Recently, I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine. We were talking about underwear in general and we got caught up talking about thongs and G-strings. The funny part was that she didn’t know the difference between both. After explaining the difference to her we both realized something about thongs/G-strings, they were the “it” underwear over 10 years ago but the fad has since died down. Yes, there are women who still wear thongs but not as much as back in the day. We began trying to figure out why the trend has died down and realized several things.

 1)            Thongs can be somewhat uncomfortable. They can feel like you have what we call a wedgie or like underwear that is riding up. That is not the feeling anyone wants to have throughout the day. This is a deal breaker for me. I like feeling comfortable throughout my day.

 G-strings are a bit more comfortable because the back is way thinner than that of a thong. Some call that a floss. LOL! The only issue I have with that is that I feel almost naked and I prefer to feel like I am being covered always!

 2)            Thongs and G-strings can affect you health wise. Many people believe that thongs and G-strings can cause yeast infections and UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). As you may be aware, yeast lives in moist places. A thong or G-string may be the ideal place for yeast. Not only does this allow yeast to grow but it also allows bacteria to move freely back and forth, as well as infections.

Thongs and G-strings tend to be worn tight. This causes friction to your private area which sometimes results in irritation and even small tears. This is especially bad for women who are easily affected by yeast infections and UTIs because the irritated area can easily get infected due to the easy travel of bacteria and yeast.

You don’t have to totally get rid of thongs and G-strings all together. Wearing them occasionally and for a few hours at a time isn’t going to affect you.

The good thing about the lingerie world is that they are always looking for better ways to make underwear more comfortable and more wearable. There are so many great styles that will work as good as a thong or G-string. There are styles with more coverage that will give you what you desire from a thong or a G-string. For example boy shorts are a great way to get full coverage while still feeling sexy. These are great with jeans and slacks. Find them with flat edging for a non-panty line look.

If you are looking for something sexy then the following styles will provide that for you.

Bikini briefs offer a little less coverage than regular panties. Their cut is sexier on the sides and depending on the material, they can be elegant and sexy.


Hipster briefs are cute and fun. They fall low on the hips creating a sexier look.

Low Cut briefs/High Cut Panties provide nice comfortable coverage without looking granny like.


Boyleg/Boyshorts are super comfortable and just plain fun to wear. They have a way of making women feel sexy and young.

Keep in mind that ANY underwear piece can look sexy. It will all depend on the color and material. A pair of bikini briefs can look old and frumpy in a cotton material. Then again a panty brief can look sexy and elegant if it is made of a lacy material in a seductive color like black or even red. You don’t have to compromise comfort and health to look good.

 Tip: Always make sure your undies have a cotton gusset. This allows for better hygiene. If the underwear doesn’t come with a cotton gusset, then use an unscented panty liner. This will help keep you fresh and dry all day.

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