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Are You Looking for a More Comfortable Bra?

When we ask women what they’re looking for in a bra, one of the highest ranking answers is always “comfort.” In fact, in one recent survey, 63% of women were looking for more comfort from their bras. Are you one of these women craving a more comfortable bra? Treat yourself to a wonderful comfortable bra and enjoy how relaxed and rejuvenated you’ll feel!

What Makes a Bra Comfortable?
A lot of things go into making a bra comfortable, but some of the most important factors are:

  • Fit
  • Fabric
  • Design
  • Underwire/Wire Free
  • Straps

We’re always preaching the importance of fit, but fit is absolutely vital when it comes to comfort. If the bra doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be comfortable! The biggest causes of discomfort: tight band, pinching underwire, uncomfortable strap or lack of support – can almost all be traced back to fit. So if you haven’t already, check our fit guidelines to make sure your bra is fitted properly!

The other aspects that go into comfort are largely down to personal preference, how your body is shaped and how the bra is designed. Aside from making sure the fit is correct, there’s no magical formula to find the most comfortable bra for you. But we’ve got a ton of great options when it comes to bra comfort, so one of these bras is sure to be a winner!

Comfort Strap Bra
Comfort strap bras are great because they feature wide, sometimes padded straps, which really help to negate discomfort. One of our favorite comfort strap bras is the Anita Top Comfort Bras MicroEnergen Series 5409. This bra features wide, padded straps and stretch material that moves with you.

Everyday Bra
Every wardrobe needs a comfortable everyday bra. Don’t fight it! One of our most comfortable everyday bras is the Anita Safina Comfort Strap Soft Cup 5448. Three-section cup and soft padded straps gives you comfort and support for everyday wear!

Full Figured Bra
Full-figured women need comfortable bras, too! One of our most comfortable bras in the full-figured category is the Aviana Plus Size Soft Cup Bra 2353. The internal support ring provides the support you want, and the fabric is soft and comfortable.

Soft Cup Bra
Soft cup bras are some of the most traditionally comfortable bras, sought after by women who have trouble finding comfort with underwires. One of our top soft cup bras for comfort is the Goddess Rose Soft Cup Bra 6083. This full-coverage bra provides support for a full bust, with a powernet back, limited stretch straps and soft cup design to keep you comfortable.

Sleep and Leisure Bra
Sleep and leisure bras are some of the most inherently comfortable bra designs. These bras are lose and unrestrictive, making them great for around the house or weekend errands. One of our most comfortable sleep and leisure bras is the Leading Lady Sleep and Leisure Bra 110. It’s comfortable enough to wear while sleeping, and the breathable fabric is great for a nice comfortable touch.

What’s your most comfortable bra? Let us know your favorite brand and design – you might just help someone else find a new most comfortable bra!

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