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Are You Doing Everything You Can to Extend the Life of Your Bra?

Do you know how to take care of your bras to extend their life? Maria here at Big Girls Bras has written a great article in her Maria’s Column about “How You Can Make Your Bras Last Longer.” But a recent poll on our Facebook page has shown that only a few of our awesome fans actually know the proper techniques for extending the life of their bras! So for the rest of us, here’s everything you need to know about how to get the most out of each and every one of your bras:

How to Wash Your Bra
First up: washing! If you’re like many of us, you may be wondering something like: “how do I wash my bra properly to extend its life?” or “How can I prevent my underwire from poking through the band or poking out at the underwire?” The secret is all in the wash!

Always hand-wash your bras
To get the most from your bra, never put your bras in a machine washer or dryer. Some women like to wash their bras in a lingerie bag in the washer, and this is a decent compromise if you don’t want to hand wash, but even a lingerie bag in a washer can decrease the life of your bras. For best results, hand wash – never in hot water – and air dry your bras.

How to Store Your Bra
Have you ever shopped at a high-end lingerie retailer and seen how they store their bras? You might see them lined up in a drawer, neatly laid out, with the backs closed and the cups facing up – not squashed or folded. This is exactly how you should store your bras at home, if possible!

It’s important to remember that with a padded or molded cup bra, you should never squash or fold the cups as this can deform the material that forms the cups. You should always store these bras laid out flat with the cups in a natural position, just as though you were wearing the bra. Avoid hanging your bras, as this can stretch the straps or band. You can fold some bras in half, if they don’t have a molded, padded or otherwise shaped cup, but make sure not to bend or put stress on the underwire to prevent unnecessary wear. For a nice added touch, you may store a small sachet of your favorite potpourri in your bra drawer to keep them smelling fresh and lovely.

How to Wear Your Bra
Yes, believe it or not, there’s a way to wear your bra to extend it’s life! And namely, that’s to avoid wearing the same bra multiple days in a row. You can stretch the elastic in a bra by wearing it repeatedly, day after day. For best results, wear a bra, put it back in your drawer and wear a different bra the next day. Unless you’re sweating profusely, you don’t have to wear a bra between every wear – especially if you space out the wearing to only wear your bras once a week.

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