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Are Bras Going Away?

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been looking at the history of the bra and the role that the bra has played in society. Women have used the bra for millennia for support and shaping; in many cases, wearing bras that conform to society’s view of what they should look like in their clothes. Feminist anti-bra propaganda has made some women in today’s society question the role of bras, and women are increasingly focusing on comfort and declining to wear a bra for comfort reasons. In today’s society, there’s a small but growing number of women who don’t wear bras; and some high-profile women who could change bra trends.

High-Profile Women Who Don’t Wear Bras
One very serious element in the question of whether bras are “going away” is the fact that many models and other female celebrities in today’s society are declining to wear bras in public. Women like Britney Spears, Clare Danes, Lindsay Lohan and Nadine Coyle are well-known for not wearing bras. Celebrities and models are today’s trend-setters; clothing manufacturers typically base their designs on the latest runway fashions. And with these high-profile women declining to wear bras, more and more fashions are beginning to embrace a bra-less style.

Britney Spears Going Braless

Fashion Accommodates Bra-less-ness
Partially as a result of these high-profile women going braless, many of today’s fashions are beginning to accommodate a braless silhouette. Many outergarments, such as tank tops, sundresses and formal evening dresses, are designed to be worn without bras. In some cases, these garments have a certain cut or cups built in to accommodate braless wear; in other cases, the woman is simply expected to go “au naturel.”

Fashion writers, too, regularly write about ways to dress without bras, or alternatives to bras. The idea is to communicate to women that wearing a bra is “optional” and that there are ways to be fashionable without it. Since fashion has dictated bra wear for centuries, this trend could spell a death knell for bra wear in some circles.

As Long as Women Have Big Busts, They’ll Have Bras
The one thing that fashion can’t accommodate in a braless manner is big-busted women. Big-busted women need the support of a good bra to help reduce back, shoulder and neck pain, to reduce sagging and to provide shaping. We’ve seen the medical science that says big-busted women may have issues with sagging due to the weight of the breasts dragging on the ligaments, and potentially stretching the ligaments that hold the breasts in place during exercise. And if you do lake shape, a bra can help define your body and improve your figure.

As long as there are big-busted women in the world, there will be women happily wearing a bra. And the bra has become such an integrated part of our culture that it will probably take more than a few models going braless to make a huge impact. But there is a growing portion of our society that doesn’t wear bras. For the rest of us, we can look to alternatives and ways to boost comfort to eliminate the problems that many of these women have with bras in the first place.

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