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An Introduction to Plus Size Shapewear and Girdles

If you’re a fuller-figured woman, plus-size shapewear and girdles can be your key to feeling confident and sexy in your favorite outfits. Got a fabulous dress but you’re worried about your tummy? No problem – choose shapeware or girdle for stomach control and you won’t have to worry about any unflattering bumps. Need more all-over control for that form-fitting dress? Choose shapewear with tummy control and rear enhancement. Shapewear and girdles don’t have to be a nightmare for plus-size women; they can be your best secret weapon to look great and feel sexy.

What are Girdles?
Girdles are typically lower-body control garments that may run from midway between your bust and waist to a few inches below your hips. Girdles vary depending on the design, but they’re made to provide you with tummy control, hip control or bottom control. Girdles can give you that traditional hourglass figure, or they can just help smooth out problem areas and give you beautiful curves under your garments.

What is Shapewear?
Shapewear is a broad category that includes girdles, bra and girdle combinations and other garments specifically designed to enhance your shape. You may see shapewear girdles and panty girdles; a panty girdle targets a very specific zone, while a shapewear girdle may provide coverage in more areas. You could look at shapewear or girdle for stomach control, or butt lift tummy control girdles; shapewear is designed to help enhance your figure and hide problem areas.

Change the Way You Think about Shapewear and Girdles
Some women feel like shapewear and girdles aren’t sexy. Some of the more unflattering girdles have earned the nickname “granny panties,” and some women just feel self-conscious about wearing shapewear. Realistically, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about shapewear. It’s not just for fuller-figured women; shapewear exists in a wide range of sizes, as many women across the size spectrum want a little additional control or figure enhancement in one way or another.

Don’t think of shapewear or girdles as the enemy of sexy. Think of them as your tool to look great under any garment; you won’t have to worry about unflattering bumps or wearing a clingy dress anymore.

How Do You Know What to Choose?
Plus size shapewear and girdles come in a wide variety of styles to suit every look and purpose. For ease and convenience, you might choose shapewear plus size with split gusset. If you’re worried about bloat or weight fluctuations, you might choose a girdle with adjustable tummy control. Girdles and bras for large girls provide many options to suit what you’re wearing, how you intend to use it, and to resolve common complaints about products.

Think about your problem areas and what you most want to control. Look for things like girdles for back and abdominal support, or girdles for plus size women open bottom for convenience. Don’t be afraid to try different shapewear styles and manufacturers; check out girdles for sale – all brands to find a good manufacturer and style that’s best for your body shape and needs.

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