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Aerin Rose in the News!

We just got a note yesterday from one of our favorite designers, Aerin Rose, that they’re having a great time being featured in the press lately! Did you ever wonder what the clothes are that you see on the magazine covers at your newsstand? Well, Aerin Rose is on FIVE magazines at the newsstand now, and is scheduled for 14 magazine placements this spring! And did you know that Aerin Rose was featured on the Today Show a few weeks ago?

Why is Aerin Rose suddenly getting all this press? Well, it probably has something to do with their GREAT swimsuit options for the upcoming 2011 swim season! What does Aerin Rose have to offer, and how can you get in one of these suddenly popular swimsuits? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered here at Big Girls’ Bras.

Which Aerin Rose is in the magazines?
We already covered the Aerin Rose 2011 swimsuit collection last week, so you’ve got a good idea of what’s on offer. But which Aerin Rose pieces are so popular that they’re making it into the magazines?

Aerin Rose in Glamour
Glamour featured an Aerin Rose swimsuit in May’s “Body’s Best Swimsuit” story: the Aerin Rose Seamless Bra Bikini with Foam Cup and Scoop Swimsuit Bikini Bottoms in the Mediterranean color scheme. This style was featured as a great choice for women who are busty and petite; higher cup legs and underwire tops with cup sizes are a great option for women who want to look taller and get the extra support up top.










Aerin Rose in Self
It didn’t stop there. Aerin Rose was featured in Self magazine’s “Your Style: Top Heavy” May article. Self highlighted the Aerin Rose Banded Haler Bikini Underwire top and the Scoop Bikini Bottoms with Hammered Ring in the Undertow color scheme. This suit incorporates some of 2011’s best trends; a great, subtle pattern and bottoms with hardware detailing. Self magazine highlighted these pieces as a great choice for top-heavy women, as the halter-style bikini top offers great support and the pattern doesn’t give eyes a focal point, so it doesn’t draw attention to any problem areas.










Aerin Rose in Real Simple
Real Simple magazine featured an Aerin Rose swimsuit in the “Adult Swim: Large Bust” May article. This Aerin Rose two-piece was the Banded Halter tankini Top with Ruffles and the Highwaist Swimsuit Bikini Bottoms in the Lake color scheme. These pieces are a great option for women who want support for a large bust and may have problem areas to camouflage, but still want the convenience of a two-piece.










Bottom line: Aerin Rose has some great options for the 2011 swim season – so great, in fact, that they’re being featured in a wide range of magazines and popular media. If you’ve got any of the body types featured in these publications, an Aerin Rose swimsuit might be the perfect option for you for the 2011 swim season!

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