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Accessories to Make Your Bra Bearable


Finding a bra that fits properly is a big ordeal for many women. Even when you know how a bra should fit and you understand your bra size, you may still have to try on a wide range of bras to find one that fits properly. And when you finally do find a bra that fits, it’s not uncommon to run into other issues with your bra. If you’re tired of spending a ton of time trying to find the perfect bra, here are some accessories that can help you make a less-than-perfect bra wearable:

Problem: Straps that Chafe or Dig Into the Shoulders
Straps that dig into the shoulders, or straps that chafe when you wear them, are an unfortunate fact of life for many women. If your bra straps are digging into you, you’re probably wearing the wrong bra size; the majority of the bra’s support should come from the band of the bra, not the straps, so the straps shouldn’t be bearing much weight. Most of the time, this issue is caused by a bra band that is too large; the next time you shop for a bra, try a smaller band size and a larger cup size to correct your fit.

In the meantime, though, if you can’t afford to just throw out your improperly fitted bras, or if you’ve got a perfectly good bra that just chafes and itches, try an accessory like the Fashion Forms Comfy Shoulders Silicone Comfort Pads. These comfort pads are designed to be worn between the bra strap and the shoulder, and they help relieve pressure on the shoulder and can help prevent that “digging in” sensation you sometimes get by improperly fitted bra straps. Keep in mind that this is just a band-aid until you can get a properly fitted bra – but it can make your bras bearable in the meantime!


Problem: Straps that Slide Off the Shoulders or Pop Out From Under Tank Tops
Do your straps constantly slide off your shoulders, or pop out from under tank tops? We’ve got a couple of different solutions for that. We’ve got several varieties of strap connectors that attach to your bra straps and keep them in place, similar to a racerback style bra. Some are clear, in case you’re wearing a low-back shirt, while others are white or nude to go with some of the most common bra colors. Give these a try to prevent slippage:

Alternately, we’ve got some invisible bra straps that won’t show up if your straps do creep out from under sleeveless dresses. The Fashion Forms Invisible Bra Straps are clear so you can see right through them – people won’t notice them unless they’re right on top of you, and even when they are visible, they don’t draw attention the way colored bra straps do. These are designed to be worn as replacement straps for strapless or convertible bras that have hooks for your bra straps.

Got any other bra annoyances? Let us know, and we can probably help you figure out the cause and find an accessory to fix it!

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