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A Plus-Size Strapless Body Briefer can Make You the Life of the Party

A plus-size strapless body briefer is a great choice for all-over control if you’re wearing a strapless dress or top, or even a low-cut shirt. Choosing a strapless bra and girdle onepiece may be a better choice for fuller-figure women for whom a girdle alone doesn’t provide good shaping. If you’re thinking about girdles versus body briefers, here are a few points worth considering:

A Strapless Bra and Shaper Corset Provide a Better Shape
For many plus-size women, a strapless bra and shaper corset or full body briefer provide better shaping than a corset or girdle alone. Many full-figured women have problems with girdles or corsets being too constrictive along the top or the bottom of the garment, and creating unflattering bulges or bumps at those spots.

A onepiece briefer shaping garment avoids those problems by shaping the entire torso, so there aren’t any problem-areas for unflattering bulges to appear. If you find that you have problems with traditional girdles or corsets in this respect, a plus-size strapless body briefer might be a better choice for you.

Strapless Plus Size Body Shapers are Great Alternatives to Strapless Bras
If you’re a fuller-figured or large-busted woman, some strapless bras may simply not provide enough support. Longline strapless bras are a good alternative for women for whom regular strapless bras don’t provide adequate support, but a strapless long line body shaper is even better.

As a garment that shapes your entire torso, you’ll have a nice flattering look and a slimming effect from the long-line body shaper. And because it covers your entire torso, most strapless bra and girdle one piece shapers provide better support for any big girl than panties, girdles and bras that you use by themselves. A strapless long line body shaper smoothes your entire torso and has the ability to support your bust from beneath. A strapless bra has a band around the back to hold your bust in place, but that may simply not be enough for large-busted or fuller-figured women.

Selecting a Plus Size Strapless Body Briefer Style

Plus-size strapless body briefers come in a variety of different styles, depending on your needs. If you have problems with your hip area, you might want to choose a strapless bra with bottom control shaper. If you’re wearing it under a dress, you might prefer strapless plu

s size shaper slips. For a low-cut dress, you’ll want a strapless low back body shaper. If you’re looking for a shaper that can double as lingerie, or that will work with a plunging neckline, you might want an ultra-lift low plunge body briefer. For good support, look for an underwire briefer, like the Annette Power Curves Convertible Strapless Bodysuit with hidden underwire.

A plus-size body briefer is a great complement to any garment where you want to feel sexy and curvy. Match the right style and size with the garment you’re wearing, and you’ll have the confidence to turn heads all night long!

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