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What to Look For in a Great Running Bra: Part 2

Yesterday, we started showing you what you need to know to find the perfect running bra! Today, we’ll wrap up our running bra shopping guide with a few more practical considerations, and some examples. Bra Cups This is where running bras vary widely. Some sports bras work by compression, which means they squish your boobs

What to Look for in a Great Running Bra: Part 1

Yesterday’s running bra roundup is a good general starting point, but it doesn’t encompass all of our fabulous running bras – or the needs that women with different body types face. Today, we’re going to tell you what to look for in a great running bra, so you can find the right bra for you

Run for Boston – Our Sports Bra for Running Roundup

Runners around the world are showing solidarity in the best way they know – running. The Run for Boston movement has sprung up on Twitter and social media, and it’s a great way to show support for fellow runners, and to show the world that we won’t be intimidated by cowardly, senseless attacks like the

5k Sports Bra Wrap-Up: How the Winning Bra Performed

Well, ladies – yesterday was the big day! My first 5k! I donned the Shock Absorber Level 4 D Plus Max Sports Bra Top B4490 and the rest of my gear for the race. Did I choose the right bra? Would I recommend this bra for other women who are running a 5k, 10k, marathon

5K Sports Bra Review: Enell Sports Bra

Over the past five weeks, I’ve been trying out five different sports bras as I’ve been training for my upcoming 5k run! This week, I’m reviewing the final sports bra in my series: the much-lauded Enell Sports Bra! I’ve been itching to try this bra ever since I first learned about it, and this 5k