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Brand Highlight: Parfait

This week's brand highlight features Parfait: a complimentary brand by Affinitas designed especially for full-busted women.

Brand Highlight: Aviana Bras

For today’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at an underserved market – full-busted and full-figured women. Whether you shop in the plus-size clothing section, or you’ve just got a large bust and have a hard time finding bras that fit, Aviana bras are made specifically with you in mind! What You Need to Know

Brand Highlight: Elila Bras

For this week’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at Elila bras. Full-figured and full-busted ladies – this one is for you! Elila specializes in full-busted, full-figured styles that look great and offer feminine features. This brand is definitely a favorite with our plus size shoppers. If you haven’t already tried an Elila bra, now

Check Out Our New Curvy Kate Bras!

If you’re a curvy girl who always has trouble finding bras in cup sizes larger than DDD, rejoice! Curvy Kate is here! Curvy Kate is a company based in the UK that makes bras in cup sizes D through K, and band sizes from 28 to 44. Many of the fuller busted women in the

Full-Busted Women Have Difficulties in the US

Image-wise, America is in love with big breasts. Women who have small or average breasts want bigger boobs, and the media portrays breasts as “the bigger, the better.” Proportionally, though, full-busted American women face some negative perceptions. They may have trouble shopping in American department stores for bras, shirts and dresses that fit properly, and