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Learn Your Sports Bra Fabrics to Select the Best Sports Bra for You

  Most sports bras are made of a blend of fabrics designed to do something specific. Some fabric blends are designed to wick moisture and keep you dry. Other fabrics are meant to breathe while you’re working out and help you stay cooler. Some fabric blends are

Sports Bra Fit Tips: Part 2

Like any other type of bra, there’s no magic formula to determine sports bra fit. There are certain elements of a sports bra that can make the bra feel uncomfortable, particularly if the sizing is off. Also, just like other bras, not all sports bras work for

Sports Bra Fit Tips

Sports bra fit is something that few women really think about. Most women understand the importance of matching your sports bra’s support level with the activity you’re doing, but few women think about whether it’s comfortable, how it fits and how it works. Understanding your sports bra

Happy Labor Day from Big Girls’ Bras!

We here at Big Girls’ Bras want to wish all you ladies out there a Happy Labor Day! Labor Day weekend is traditionally the “Last Hurrah” of summer; it’s the last long weekend before the weather turns crisp and cool, and most people think of Labor Day

How to Tell That Your New Bra Fits

Bra fit is the key element that we’re looking at this week, and we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how to tell if a bra doesn’t fit. On the flip side of the coin, how can you tell that it does fit? How do you