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Are Bras Going Away?

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been looking at the history of the bra and the role that the bra has played in society. Women have used the bra for millennia for support and shaping; in many cases, wearing bras that conform to society’s view of

Find the Right Bra to Become an Empowered You!

Can a bra make a difference in how you feel about yourself, your confidence levels and even your success? You bet! It may sound silly, but finding the right bra can be the key to liberating yourself and freeing yourself to become the most powerful version of

Bras: Symbols of Oppression, or Expression of Femininity?

In learning about the history of the bra and its run-ins with feminists, we’ve heard that many feminists are anti-bra and view it as a symbol of oppression. Their reasons are myriad, but they view bras in both a metaphorical and very physical way as a means

Bras and Present-Day Society

Bra designers and manufacturers in today’s society face a host of different types of problems and challenges in bra manufacturing. Women today have come to desire many things from their bras; from bras that support an active lifestyle, to bras that look sexy and double as lingerie,

Bras from the 1970s to Present

The post-”bra-burning” era of the 1970s began to see some of the fastest evolution of the bra, and has brought today’s women a plethora of choices and bra options. During the past 40 years, bras have undergone the most dramatic changes since their inceptions; leaping and bounding