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Monthly Archive:: September 2013

Shapewear Sizing Done Right

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with shapewear. We love the way a good shaper makes us look and feel – sleek, sexy and with any unsightly bulges tamed. But we hate fighting with a bad piece of shapewear – something that rolls down constantly, causes a muffin top, rides up or where we

Friday Q&A: What Shapewear is Good to Wear with My Wedding Dress!

Yes, wedding season is upon us, and plenty of women have questions about which shapewear will give them the look they want on their special day! Today we’re going to tackle a couple of these questions, which will hopefully help steer the rest of you in the right direction. Remember: every woman’s body is different,

Do Underwire Bras Hurt Your Boobs?

Many women seem to have a love/hate relationship with their bras. They love the support and shape that a bra provides, but hate the feelings of discomfort that accompany some bra styles! Few bra types are more contentious than the underwire bra. Some women love em; some women won’t touch them with a 10-foot pole.

What Women Should Pack if They’re Joining the Military

Serving in the military is something that more and more women are doing these days – and we thank you ladies for your service! But going off to Basic Training means a lot of changes, including very regimented rules about what you should bring with you. Things are a little bit more complicated for women,

When to Start Shopping for a Wedding Dress – and Your Wedding Bra!

August, September and October are huge months for weddings – so now’s the time of year when many women are in the peak pitch of wedding fever! But if you’re getting married this fall, chances are good you were shopping for a dress early this year, and you’re on to your final fittings now. If