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Monthly Archive:: September 2013

Confused by Bra Types? Check Out Our New Guide to Bra Styles!

Shopping for a bra isn’t always an easy process. Bra sizing confounds the best of us, and trying to find the right fit for your body is a trial-and-error process that can get annoying if you’re not the patient type. All of the types of bras and different bra styles adds another element of confusion

Friday Q&A: What is the Best Shapewear to Use…?

Shopping for shapewear can feel overwhelming if you’re looking for a specific style for a certain body type or to work with a specific outfit. For today’s Friday Q&A, we’re going to look at some of our most common shapewear questions: what’s the best shapewear to use for…? Question from Holly: What is the best

Would You Wear the Nipple Bra?

One of the things we love to do here at Big Girls Bras is to stay on top of all of the crazy trends in bras and lingerie, and look at the history and evolution of the field. You might be surprised by some of the crazy things that women have worn throughout the years,

How Do You Make a Bra More Comfortable?

With so many women complaining about bra discomfort (it’s one of the number one complaints about bras, in fact!) – today we’re going to tackle the million dollar question: how do you make a bra more comfortable? Sizing and fit is the first major point, but there are also some tricks you can use to

What’s the Best Thing about a Properly Fitted Bra?

Proper bra fit is a huge deal, which is why we talk about it so often – and why so many other people are finally starting to pay attention to this important point. But bra fit isn’t just important because we say so; there are a ton of practical benefits to a properly fitted bra!