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Monthly Archive:: August 2013

Friday Q&A: How Do You Keep a Strapless Bra from Slipping Down?

Strapless bras are great – when they work! Few things are irritating, though, as when a strapless bra keeps sliding down while you’re wearing it. There’s the inevitable tug-of-war where you keep having to find a discrete way of pulling it back up again. Or in some cases, the surrender of accepting that your boobs

The Best Bras if You Want to Let Your Bra Hang Out!

So technically most people consider it a bra faux pas to let your bra show, but some women feel like a little flash of bra strap or a lacy bit of bra detailing can be super sexy! Or a flash of a colorful, flirty bra can be playful and fun. If you want to let