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Monthly Archive:: August 2013

Friday Q&A: How Much Weight Should You Lose to Fit Your Swimsuit?

Swimsuit fit is one of the biggest points of stress for any woman during the swim season. It’s a huge issue when we’re shopping, and it’s something we worry far too much about every time we gain or lose weight. For today’s Friday Q&A, we’re going to tackle a tricky topic: weight loss (or gain)

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Swimsuit Support

With back-to-school time right around the corner and families rushing to enjoy as much vacation as possible before the warm weather flees, now is the time when many people are cramming in those last-minute beach days and pool days to make the most of the summer’s end! But few things are as embarrassing to women

Bra Fit and Sodium – Does it Really Matter?

We’ve all heard and experienced the dreaded “retaining water.” Ever have those days when your pants just don’t seem to fit properly, or when you feel bloated and gross? Chances are you haven’t actually gained any weight – you’re just “retaining water.” This is especially true if you find that you go up or down

Surviving Wedding Season: Getting Through August, September and October

August, September and October are the most popular months (aside from June) to have a wedding. If you’ve got a lot of friends and are getting to that certain age, it may feel like you’re going to a new wedding every weekend for the next few months! Getting through wedding season may seem daunting, but

The Ps and Qs of Strapless Bra Fit

As we saw on Friday’s Q&A, strapless bra fit is the most important factor in getting a good strapless bra. The best strapless bra in the world is worthless if it won’t fit properly, and if you get a bad fit in a strapless bra in particular, there’s not much you can do to improve