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Monthly Archive:: August 2013

Friday Q&A: How to Tell if a Bra Fits You Perfectly

Finding a bra that fits properly is something we all strive for – but this is a surprisingly tough issue! It doesn’t help that popular lingerie retailers “show” us pictures of bras that aren’t properly fitted, too! When you look at a lot of the photos for Victoria’s Secret bras, for example – that’s not

Swim Dresses: Not Your Mother’s Swim Dress

When most people think of swim dresses, they think of these dowdy fashions that cover everything up, and which tend to be worn by older ladies or women who have something to hide. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Nowadays, swim dresses are pieces of high fashion, and they’re becoming a more popular choice

Back to School: How to Shop for Girls’ Training Bras

Shopping for a training bra is a right of passage. We all remember it – for some, it was that awkward conversation with mom. For others, the training bra just showed up one day. In still other cases, we had to approach our parents and tell them that now was the time. Every situation is

Brand Highlight: Empreinte Bras

For this week’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at one of our top-tier, high-end bra brands: Empreinte bras. The price point is high, so many women dismiss these bras without even considering them, but our shoppers who do buy them absolutely love them. If you’ve been avoiding an Empreinte bra because of the pricing,

Comfort Strap Bras: Woman’s Best Friend?

What about it, ladies – do you have bras whose straps just dig into your shoulders, no matter how much you adjust? Sick of having to wear pads under your bra straps? Bra straps digging into your shoulders is a huge problem – it’s one of the most common things that women complain about when