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Monthly Archive:: July 2013

Bra Fit Finally Gets Recognition – Classes, Workshops, and Videos, Oh My!

Bra fit is something we talk about often here at Big Girls Bras. Roughly 4 out of every 5 women are wearing the wrong bra size, and poor bra fit is the number 1 reason for discomfort and problems with bras! We keep our eyes on the news for noteworthy developments, and in the past

Accessories to Make Your Bra Bearable

Finding a bra that fits properly is a big ordeal for many women. Even when you know how a bra should fit and you understand your bra size, you may still have to try on a wide range of bras to find one that fits properly. And when you finally do find a bra that

Beware of Side-Boob in Your Hot Weather Wardrobe!

We’re deep in the heart of summer now, with heat waves in much of the country and the hottest month of the year looming around the corner – August! If you’re lucky enough to have arms you don’t mind showing, you probably haven’t worn a shirt with sleeves in weeks – and may have many

Friday Q&A: What is the Proper Way to Wear a Sports Bra?

Have you ever looked around at other women wearing sports bra tops while exercising and asked yourself what’s the proper way to wear a sport bra? Today’s Friday Q&A is all about common sport bra issues, and how to wear them the “right” way! Question from Jess: “What is the proper way to wear a

Swimwear and Hygiene: What You Need to Know

Swimwear hygiene can be a controversial topic, and not all the answers and opinions are accurate. If you’ve had swimsuit hygiene-related questions and want straight answers, here are a few of the most common swimwear hygiene concerns and what you need to know about them: Common Swimwear Return Policies Related to the Hygienic Liner We’ve