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Monthly Archive:: May 2013

Friday Q&A: The Bra Hook Edition

Have you ever had a bra that insists on unhooking itself throughout the day? You’re not alone! Today’s Friday Q&A goes out to a woman who deals with these bra peccadillos on a daily basis – here’s why it happens, and what to do about it! Question from Kara: What Does it Mean When Your

How a Bra Makeover can Change Your Life!

Everyone loves a good makeover show, and there’s no doubt that a change in look can have a huge impact on a person’s life. Makeovers help you feel more confident, and unlock the potential that you haven’t dared to tap into! Most of us never have the opportunity to undergo anything so dramatic, but there

Should You Wear a Sleep Bra at Night?

Most of us wear bras all day long, and we’re gratified at the end of the day when the time comes that we can free our bust from its confining prison. But plenty of women don’t do that at all – they just swap one bra for another. A large number of women wear sleep