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Monthly Archive:: May 2013

Friday Q&A: Maternity Bra Edition!

With a huge percentage of new babies born in June, July, August and September, now is the time of year that many moms-to-be are shopping for maternity bras, learning about nursing bras, and experiencing all of the changes that come along with the final trimester of pregnancy. Maternity bras can be a daunting topic to

Our Favorite Warm-Weather Bras for Moms!

Last week, we took a look at how to shop for bras to wear in warmer weather. New moms and moms-to-be deserve to be comfortable when the hot, humid weather rolls in, so we’ve prepped a maternity bra and nursing bra lineup to keep new moms and moms-to-be comfortable in warm weather! What to Look

Why New Moms-to-Be Need New Bras!

Becoming a mother is a great blessing, but it also entails big changes! Impending motherhood creates big changes in our bodies, which we greet in different manners. Some lucky women find that pregnancy agrees with them immensely, and get the beautiful pregnancy glow. Other women find pregnancy more difficult, and may even resist the changes

What are the Best Bras for Clubbing?

The weekend is coming, and you’ve got plans to go clubbing with your favorite girlfriends, that hot guy you’ve been lusting after, or your gay bff. But what do you wear? If you’re like most of us, you’ve picked out that perfect clubbing outfit after much shopping and deliberation – but don’t forget to pay

Shopping for a Bra: Why Quality Matters

When you’re shopping for a bra, it’s silly to assert that price is no object. Most of us are slaves to our pocketbooks, so it may seem unwise or even impossible to spend ~$100+ on a single bra. The question we’re forgetting to ask, though, is what does that ~$100+ get you in a bra?