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Monthly Archive:: May 2013

Friday Q&A: Swimsuit Edition

Memorial Day Weekend is here, and for most of us, it signals the official start of swim season! Finding the right swimsuit is something that many of us struggle with – so if you’ve got swimwear-related questions, ladies, bring them on! In the meantime, today’s Friday Q&A is the Swimsuit Edition! Question from Kelly M:

What’s the Best Sports Bra for Yoga?

Yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body! It strengthens, tones and improves flexibility, and it helps bring mental clarity and peace of mind. Bikram yoga is cited as great for weight loss and to help heal injuries – if you can stand the heat. When you’re doing yoga, it’s

Don’t Sweat Swimsuit Shopping This Year!

For most women, swimsuit shopping is something we approach with mixed feelings. We always hold out hope of finding that perfect bikini, tankini or one-piece swimsuit that will make us look awesome, but we hate the process of trying on swimsuits and being reminded of all the ways we’re unhappy with ourselves. This year, we’d

Why Models Love Push-Up Bras!

Models grace practically every element of our media, from magazine covers to television ads for pretty much anything – to the product images here on the Big Girls Bras website! As much as they may seem flawless, most of those models aren’t picture perfect when they wake up every morning. It takes a lot of

Using Technology to Help You Lose Weight and Feel Fitter

The two times of year that people most frequently start exercise and fitness programs are: the new year, and spring. Losing weight and becoming more fit is the most common New Year’s Resolution. It’s also extremely common for women in particular to want to feel fitter once warm weather hits, the big puffy coats are