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Monthly Archive:: April 2013

Do You Believe It’s Possible to be a Strong Female Leader?

It’s been all over the news today, so you’ve probably heard – former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away at age 87. News sources around the world are dredging up some of her most noteworthy acts and lauding her as the strong leader that she was – in spite of being female. The celebration of

Friday Q&A: Sports Bra Edition!

This week on our Friday Q&A, we’re answering a couple of sports-bra related questions! (Have any questions of your own? Feel free to send ‘em in – even if they don’t make it into the Q&A, our own lovely KC will find you an answer!) Question from Dinah: What is a comfortable bra to wear

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Constant Bra Strap Slippage!

Do your bra straps fall down constantly throughout the day? Are you tired of having to tug them back up? Or worse yet – have your straps fallen down when you’re wearing a sleeveless tank top or dress – and become visible? It’s happened to all of us, ladies, but some women have it worse

What’s the Best Bra for a Racerback Tank Top?

Warmer weather is on the way, which means its time to break out the tank tops and cute shirts again! But sometimes the cute shirts with funky styles require a certain type of bra if you don’t want to show your bra straps. If you’ve got an awesome racerback tank top, or another tank with

Solving the Bra Faux Pas: White Shirts

Believe it or not, you’d be surprised by how often we run across women who are frustrated that their bras show through when they wear white or light-colored shirts! Some people dismiss these worries; everybody knows that women wear bras, after all, so why should we worry about them being visible? Well, I’m here to