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Breasts, Sagging and the Cooper’s Ligament

Breast sag is one of the things that women really start to worry about as they age, and when they have children. Sometimes young women worry about it, too, wanting to be pro-active to prevent sag when their breasts are still nice and perky. As medical science has advanced, we’ve learned more and more about

Can Wearing a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

One of the most pervasive (and false) myths surrounding wearing a bra is that wearing a bra can cause cancer. The simple truth is that there is no link between breast cancer and wearing a bra. Every story and article that attributes increased breast cancer rates to wearing bras mentions a Harvard study and a

Big Busted Women Need Support!

Yesterday, we looked at why women wear bras and the role that bras play in modern society. We briefly touched on women wearing bras for support, but that’s a topic that certainly deserves more attention. Anyone who’s above an A cup can benefit from wearing a bra for support. Women with smaller busts may only

Do You Wear a Bra? Bras in the Western World

The bra has a 3,000 year history stretching back into ancient times, but it’s role in modern society is today’s topic. Over the years, variations of the bra have been lauded as a brilliant device and reviled as a symbol of oppression. In a 1968 feminist protest, hundreds of women burned bras as “ludicrous inventions”

How to Find the Most Comfortable Bras

Finding a comfortable bra is a huge problem for many women. As we covered in yesterday’s post, many women feel their bras are so uncomfortable that they take them off when they get home in favor of a sports or leisure bra, or no bra at all! Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we want to