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What Women Should Pack if They’re Joining the Military

Serving in the military is something that more and more women are doing these days – and we thank you ladies for your service! But going off to Basic Training means a lot of changes, including very regimented rules about what you should bring with you. Things are a little bit more complicated for women,

When to Start Shopping for a Wedding Dress – and Your Wedding Bra!

August, September and October are huge months for weddings – so now’s the time of year when many women are in the peak pitch of wedding fever! But if you’re getting married this fall, chances are good you were shopping for a dress early this year, and you’re on to your final fittings now. If

Brand Highlight: Elila Bras

For this week’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at Elila bras. Full-figured and full-busted ladies – this one is for you! Elila specializes in full-busted, full-figured styles that look great and offer feminine features. This brand is definitely a favorite with our plus size shoppers. If you haven’t already tried an Elila bra, now

Back to School: How to Shop for Girls’ Training Bras

Shopping for a training bra is a right of passage. We all remember it – for some, it was that awkward conversation with mom. For others, the training bra just showed up one day. In still other cases, we had to approach our parents and tell them that now was the time. Every situation is

Brand Highlight: Empreinte Bras

For this week’s brand highlight, we’re taking a look at one of our top-tier, high-end bra brands: Empreinte bras. The price point is high, so many women dismiss these bras without even considering them, but our shoppers who do buy them absolutely love them. If you’ve been avoiding an Empreinte bra because of the pricing,